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Capricorn Woman Aries Man

Our Capricorn Woman and Aries Man compatibility rating is 5. Your practical and earthy nature can control the fiery passions of an Aries Man, but he may see your caution and care as being too limiting. Cardinal signs work well together when they are not competing.

Saturn and Mars have opposite ways of approaching success, but when harmoniously paired together, they are unbeatable.

The Elements

Earth vs Fire - Earth is fed by Fire, but can also control it; Fire can be contained within the Earth, but transform it. This is the way the two of you react to one another; others may see the power of a dormant volcano, while the two of you focus on the passion and power of the volcano's eruption.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - You are both Cardinal signs, and therefore strive for success and leadership, but there may be times when you are upset by his aggressive and sometimes reckless way of achieving it. Share the responsibilities that require boldness and forthrightness, and you'll have it made.

The Planets

Saturn & Mars vs Mars & the Sun - Saturn and Mars are unbeatable as a team, but irreconcilable as competitors. You'll admire and respect him, despite his faults, because his planet, Mars, is exalted in your sign. The pride and ambition of the Sun, who is exalted in his sign, will sometimes annoy you, but most often will warm your heart, which is something you're looking for in a mate, whether you know it or not.

Love and Romance

As a Capricorn Woman, you may give an Aries Man the impression that you are all business; you are warmer and gentler than you think. An Aries Man can help you realize this side of your nature through his affection and enthusiasm. Unless you're obligated to family matters, an Aries Man offers a life full of love and adventure. You'll never abandon your ambitions or need for security, but that's something your Aries Man admires in you. You'll be attracted by his honest nature, but you'll need to avoid rebelling against his often impractical side. The passion he can unlock in you is worth the effort, as is the certainty you bring to him.

The Keys to Success

Learn to understand each others better.

Both of you are more selfish that you might be willing to admit; you in terms of your material security, and him in terms of his need for attention. This is something that often works out, however, because he will quickly learn that you never break promises, and that he can trust you to do what you say you will, a characteristic he envies.

Use reassurance not scolding to impact him.

Aries Men are friendly and outgoing; don't mistake this for flirtatiousness or disloyalty. He can be a good partner in business and pleasure because of these characteristics. If you try to tie him down to the kinds of routines and roles that you feel are the "rules of the game", he'll rebel. While you tend to win through playing by these rules, he thinks he can win by the force of his ambition and will alone. Sometimes he can, but when he doesn't be there to reassure and comfort him; scolding won't change him.

Enjoy the middle ground of your passions.

His passionate nature is all on the surface; while your passions run far beneath the surface. This leaves a middle zone that can become an emotional playground in which you can really enjoy yourselves. As he brings your passions out, and you help him realize the depth of his, things will just get better and better.

Final Score: Capricorn Woman Aries Man compatibility = 50%.

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