Zodiac Love Matches

Capricorn Woman Cancer Man

Our Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 8. A Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man relationship has great alignment and strong promise. The elements are in agreement, and the qualities are the same; the planets can work well together to help balance and refine your emotional natures.

This is a great start, and with more knowledge and some understanding this relationship could be rated even higher.

The Elements

Earth vs Water - Earth and Water are considered to be compatible with one another, and also give you the opportunity to help him become more grounded. He will, in return, guide you toward becoming more emotionally expressive.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - There's not likely to be a lot of competition between your Signs, because the elements are compatible. You both want to lead, however; but you can share the leadership and avoid romantic problems.

The Planets

Saturn & Mars vs the Moon & Jupiter - Saturn is your sign's planet, and the Moon is the planet of Cancer. This gives you the opportunity to be in a loving and caring relationship, yet retain your autonomy and independence. Because of Jupiter being exalted in Cancer, your Cancer Man is very capable of understanding the ambition that comes from your exalted Mars.

Love and Romance

As a Capricorn Woman, you tend to be responsible and helpful, and face whatever you are confronted with without complaining. He can be gentle, considerate and courteous, but he can also be demanding. He is also somewhat possessive; the biggest problem that may occur in a relationship with a Cancer is his desire to have you attend to his cyclically changing moods. You'll have to be a little cautious with him, because he's likely to be more sensitive emotionally than you are. At the same time, both of you are intent on developing a solid and secure lifestyle, and you know how to do it. You're also practical and ambitious, and whether you point that ambition in a professional or social direction, you won't stop until you achieve it. He is likely to approve, and although at times he may need a little extra reassurance, will lay the foundation for a happy life.

The Keys to Success

Be aware of ever changing emotions.

Extreme or excessive emotions have a tendency to make Capricorn women nervous. You'll probably have to get used to his mood swings. In the presence of unnecessary emotionalism, you tend to be quiet in order to avoid hurting other's feelings, but the Cancer needs constant reassurance. This is not too hard to work out with him, if you pay attention and catch him in one of his gentle and understanding moods. Watch the phases of the Moon; it won't take long before you have a good sense of his emotional rhythms.

Cancer Men tend to be sensitive to criticism.

If their feelings are hurt, it's hard for them to let it go. This kind of issue can be easily resolved by lacing any criticism with compliments and respect, because he is sensitive enough to pick up on what you're trying to say without his "male ego" getting involved.

Be thoughtful of his possessive nature.

Your Saturnian nature will not allow you to be used, in any way, shape or form. You are an independent woman with a strong mind, and you won't let others push you around. He may have to learn that he can't treat you like property, because some of them can be quite chauvinistic. If your relationship is established on the basis of equality, however, this problem can be resolved with a gentle reminder that will cause him to rein in and lose that habit of thought.

Final Score: Capricorn Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 80%.

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