Zodiac Love Matches

Capricorn Woman Capricorn Man

Our Capricorn Woman and Capricorn Man compatibility rating is 9. There is an identity of the elements, and the qualities are the same. Between two Capricorns, who are very much alike, total harmony is possible. This relationship also has the character and will-power to overcome any challenge.

This relationship should only get better with time.

The Elements

Both are Earth - Both of you are Earth Signs; you have fairly identical ideals and goals. The differences between you are found between the planets in complete, individual horoscopes.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - Both of you are born in a Cardinal Sign of leadership, but it's highly unlikely that you'll find this to be a source of conflict.

The Planets

Both are Saturn & Mars - Saturn is your planetary ruler, Mars is exalted in your sign. You admire (and could use a little of) the boldness of Mars. Your practical, down-to-earth natures are the gift of Saturn.

Love and Romance

As a Capricorn Woman, you find men of your sign perfect for you for several reasons. One is that they respect your strength. Another is that they can see who you are inside. Another is that you have the same views about success, both financially and romantically. This is a long list, and the compatibility is certainly there, but like everyone on Earth, there are obstacles that stand in the way of this otherwise perfect union. It's possible that you both may have to learn how to need someone else in your life so that you can wake up to how it feels to be needed. This is not the same as being relied upon, this is emotional need. It's not hard to figure out, but the two of you are so used to being self-sufficient that you may have forgotten what this feels like as we outgrew our childhood. Another obstacle may be your devotion to your families. This could be a real sticky one, because their emotions aren't something you can control, and either of you may give in to their wishes. It's a good idea to test the parents and siblings right away if you want to make plans for the future.

The Keys to Success

Don't take too much time deciding whether or not you're in love.

Neither of you are prone to rush into things, especially things at this level of importance. Your Capricorn Man's feelings are likely to be revealed by surprise, and he's likely to be caught off guard when he discovers your interest. It's seldom that Capricorns fall in love at first sight, but once you've declared your love, it's probably going to be there to stay.

Build on your chemistry.

Your physical chemistries are excellent; you'll probably even like the same foods. One thing you can do is to exploit your mutual interest in the arts. Build a music collection together and try to avoid listening in private when you can listen together. Go to shows and concerts together when your schedules permit; it's worth it for the therapeutic value alone. This can build a strong bond between you that's almost impossible to break.

Take a chance every now and then.

Balance is the key to success in all relationships, and In your case, you may be limiting your chances of prosperity and abundance by following the frugal ways of Saturn. You need to take a risk every once and a while, no matter how small the amount, or how big the odds. This is something that would loosen up some of the binding psychic energy that can stifle the flow of prosperity in your lives.

Final Score: Capricorn Woman Capricorn Man compatibility = 90%.

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