Zodiac Love Matches

Capricorn Woman Taurus Man

Our Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is a 10. This match between a Capricorn Woman and a Taurus Man is one of the best in the Zodiac. Your elements are the same, which means that you have basically the same desires and needs. The qualities work well with one another, and the planets support each others' drives and motives.

Your signs combine very favorably. As far as astrological compatibility goes; this is as good as it gets.

The Elements

Both are Earth - You both belong to the Earthy "Triplicity" and this sharing of the most practical and grounded of the elements is the reason that you'll have so much in common. A relationship between you may take some time to develop, but that's OK, because the steady and certain steps you take toward each other will build a solid foundation and insure that you'll create something that lasts.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - Capricorn and Taurus are of the same elemental nature, so the astral qualities work well between the signs. Because of your Cardinal nature, you may be a little lacking in sentimental affections a Fixed Sign person like Taurus loves, but being with him will allow these affections to develop naturally.

The Planets

Saturn & Mars vs Venus & the Moon - Saturnian persistence (Saturn is your ruling planet) and Martian drive (Mars is exalted in your sign) combine to give you discipline and ambition; Venus' sensuality (his ruling planet) and the Moon's (on its throne in Taurus) desire for stability make him an excellent match for you.

Love and Romance

Both of you are born under practical signs of the Zodiac, and this is something he's really excited about; he's also thrilled with the idea that you are not one who gives in easily. He believes that anything worth having is worth working for, and is certainly willing to do what it takes to gain your affection. You don't make romantic choices impulsively, and this thrills him as well. He'll know that you're serious about relationships and will trust you, immediately and firmly. Your passion for one another will be honest and sensual. His romantic nature is strong, and underneath your reserved exterior is a powerful sensuality. You are quite secure about who you are and what you want. You both also like stability and find unnecessary flirtations impractical and unnecessary. You'll probably be surprised at how many things you have in common.

The Keys to Success

He needs a lot of affection.

Although he's not one to express sentimental feelings, he craves it. Being tender and sympathetic toward him, not being outwardly demonstrative, is an important key to building a relationship, and will cause him to trust you even more, rather than to occasionally lapse into being unreasonably possessive.

Don't let jealousy mess up a good thing.

Jealousy is not likely to enter into this relationship, because neither of you is willing to give up a "good thing." The average Taurus Man has waited a long time to find someone that doesn't annoy him by trying to force him to change or adapt to their lifestyle, and you've probably been looking for someone who accepts and enjoys your company because of your strengths, and not your weaknesses.

Take pride in each others accomplishments.

Chances are good that he will not interfere with your ambitions and goals in life; it's more likely that he'll be proud of your accomplishments, and of your ability to get where you want to go, whether socially or professionally through hard work and practical thinking. You'll love his respect for tradition and family; you are well matched with him.

Final Score: Capricorn Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 100%.

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