Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman

Want to know how to attract a Capricorn woman? A good way to initiate conversation with a Capricorn is to ask their advice on some practical matter. Capricorns like to have their intelligence acknowledged.

Make sure that after asking your question, you also demonstrate your own knowledge and capabilities. If you truly want to attract a Capricorn woman, be sure to choose your words carefully as they dislike idle boasting.

Emphasize goals that align with hers

Your ability to attract a Capricorn woman will depend largely on whether you represent the tradition to which she feels an allegiance, whether that tradition relates to artistic ideals, or religious and ethnic background.

You should also have clear goals which harmonize with her ambitious plans.

If you do not have the wealth or position to enable her to advance, you should at least be willing to work as hard as she does. Also, if she participates in a highly competitive field such as performing or sports, she will need someone willing to be her cheering section.

Understand her priorities

Your Capricorn woman's age, income and maturity level will determine her relationship priorities. An immature young Capricorn woman without family wealth may seek and be attracted to an older spouse whose wealth and position will help her achieve prominence.

An older but still unevolved Capricorn woman of means may select a mate based solely on physical looks. This tendency toward materialism is one of the things Capricorns have to outgrow.

An emotionally mature Capricorn of any age will be attracted to a partner who appreciates her intelligence, supports her goals and matches her level of physical attractiveness and energy.

Know your place

Capricorns form astute observations about society and their own place in it. They have well-developed notions of the qualities they seek in a mate. Chances are if you feel she is out of your league, she will share that opinion.

Don't rush her

Capricorn women undertake marriage as a serious lifetime decision. They are the least likely of the zodiac signs to elope.

While Capricorn men often fall prey to the coldness and isolation which characterizes the sign's ruling planet, Saturn, Capricorn women usually succeed in avoiding this pitfall. They value strong partnerships and place a high priority first on finding a suitable mate and then on maintaining that relationship over time.

Once committed, it is 100%

Once a Capricorn woman chooses you as her mate, she will be very loyal.

She will not idealize you or look at you through rose-colored glasses, but she will give you encouragement and support. Since she has a large share of ambition herself, she will understand and respect periods when you become wrapped up in work.

However, she will want the two of you to take time away from jobs and family occasionally for a special romantic weekend to keep your relationship fresh.