Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Capricorn Characteristics

Capricorn is an earth sign and ruled by Saturn; the planet which represents structure and discipline. Just like fellow Capricorn Benjamin Franklin, you will find this sign to be responsible, patient, tenacious, secure, and wise.

This sign is usually symbolized by the goat, but its ancient symbol is that of a mythological two-natured animal, the sea-goat, with the tail of a fish attached to a goat's head and front legs. This symbol reveals some of the complexity of people born under this sign


It is one of Capricorn's characteristics to assume responsibility early in life, often because of difficult family circumstances. Sea-goats may find their peers immature while they are in their 20s, and sometimes in turn appear dour to those people.

At this stage in their lives, they often have friends a generation of two older who share their preoccupation with more serious matters. They tend to make up for this early onset of adulthood but appearing much younger than their chronological age as they move towards retirement.

As senior citizens they often possess high energy levels and may befriend people young enough to be their children or even grandchildren.


Patience and self-discipline are at the top of the Capricorn characteristics list. These traits characterize most of the people born under this sign. As artists or athletes, they will practice the necessary thousands of hours necessary to develop mastery in their chosen field.

As employees, they will work long hours on the job, focusing exclusively on work, steadily climbing the ladder until they supervise a large team of people. As bosses, Capricorns characteristically expect the same long workdays from those they supervise and may fail to understand if other people cannot wear the same blinders they do.


The ability to over come almost any obstacle is one of the defining Capricorn characteristics. The goat can climb almost any mountain-but must choose which mountain is worth climbing. Some goats find themselves tempted to abandon their personal path for one which seems easier or offers quicker rewards.

Capricorns can achieve in almost any field-science like Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur or Stephen Hawking; sports like Gabrielle Reece or LeBron James, or crime like Al Capone.

Capricorns may choose different paths, but the characteristics and methods that enable them to reach their destination remain the same. In the end it is important that Capricorn choose a worthy destination, because they will surely arrive there one day.


The Capricorn affinity for hard work means that most of them attain financial security. Unfortunately, this sign can be a magnet for responsibility outside the workplace as well as in it.

Some Capricorns find themselves assisting people who have not achieved the same level of success as the sea-goat. This may include elderly parents, struggling siblings, spouses or adult children. Capricorns sometimes feel as if everyone else chooses to remain a child and only the Sea-goat has the burdens of adulthood.


Another Capricorn characteristic is ability to cut through sentimentality and perceive situations dispassionately. Provided they can balance these observations with empathy, they may gain a reputation for both wit and wisdom.

On signing the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin stated "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." Like many Capricorns, Franklin had a knack for invention, creating bifocal glasses and the lightening rod, as well as making intelligent observations about meteorology, ocean currents and light waves.

Other Capricorn inventors include George Washington Carver and Louis Braille.