Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn is an earth sign - practical, grounded, and goal-oriented. As such, Capricorn natives are looking for partners who are hard-working, who can appreciate tradition, and who will look forward to sharing the finer things in life. Their inherent nature means that they are best suited to matches either with their fellow earth signs or alternatively, with complimentary water signs.

Capricorn Compatibility Ratings

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Capricorn Woman Compatibility


Capricorn Man Compatibility

Capricorn Woman Aquarius Man - 4   Aquarius Woman Capricorn Man - 4
Capricorn Woman Aries Man - 5   Aries Woman Capricorn Man - 6
Capricorn Woman Cancer Man - 8   Cancer Woman Capricorn Man - 9
Capricorn Woman Capricorn Man - 9   Capricorn Woman Capricorn Man - 9
Capricorn Woman Gemini Man - 5   Gemini Woman Capricorn Man - 4
Capricorn Woman Leo Man - 4   Leo Woman Capricorn Man - 5
Capricorn Woman Libra Man - 7   Libra Woman Capricorn Man - 5
Capricorn Woman Pisces Man - 9   Pisces Woman Capricorn Man - 8
Capricorn Woman Sagittarius Man - 4   Sagittarius Woman Capricorn Man - 5
Capricorn Woman Scorpio Man - 9   Scorpio Woman Capricorn Man - 9
Capricorn Woman Taurus Man - 10   Taurus Woman Capricorn Man - 9
Capricorn Woman Virgo Man - 9   Virgo Woman Capricorn Man - 10

Best Matches for Capricorn

Virgo: Virgo and Capricorn couldn't possibly see eye to eye more precisely when it comes to their value systems and their approaches to life. Both are home-oriented and will take great pride in the foundations they build together. Both are also hard-working and will delight in building something substantial together as a team. Their social life will be fulfilling as well, since both signs prefer a tight-knit group of meaningful friendships to a large group of superficial acquaintances. This pairing has every chance of being successful in the long term.

Taurus: Taurus and Capricorn won't be able to help but bond over their mutual respect for and appreciation of money. Both are hard workers who believe a living should be honestly earned. Both enjoy pouring money into both the home they share and life's little luxuries. Taurus will especially enjoy playing house and keeping the home fires burning while Capricorn delights in bringing home the bacon. Together this pair can really build something special quite effortlessly.

Pisces: Although Pisces and Capricorn are inherently very different, it's important to note that these are complimentary differences that actually help make the relationship stronger. Pisces's dreamy nature helps encourage Capricorn to loosen up a little while Capricorn's solid common sense helps offer Pisces the grounding influence it needs. Together, these two will strike the sort of balance that makes for a strong foundation capable of standing the test of time.

Other Best Matches: Capricorn, Scorpio. Use the Capricorn compatibility rating listed above for the detailed analysis.

Worst Matches for Capricorn

Leo: Flamboyant, extravagant Leo will frustrate conservative, sensible Capricorn right from day one. Leo needs tons of praise in order to feel loved and appreciated, but Capricorn is far too reserved to pay many compliments. Leo is all about spending while Capricorn wants to save. Leo wants to go out and party while Capricorn would prefer staying home. Here we have two very different energies that will never be able to achieve common ground.

Sagittarius: These two are at odds from the get-go and have little in common. Sagittarius's adventurous ways will fluster and jar down-to-earth Capricorn while Capricorn's traditional approach to life will have Sagittarius wringing its hands in frustration. Neither sign will ever be able to fully appreciate the assets of the other.

Aries: It really isn't possible for two signs to be as different from one another as Capricorn and Aries are. Aries is all about taking chances and seeking out risks while Capricorn is very much the opposite. Capricorn wants to focus on planning for the future and saving for a rainy day while Aries would rather spend their cash on making today fabulous. What's more, these two will lock horns again and again over who should wear the pants in the relationship, so it won't be long before their relationship degenerates into a power struggle.

Other Worst Matches: Aquarius, Gemini. Use the Capricorn compatibility ratings above to see the details.