Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Capricorn in Love

A Capricorn in love requires patience, persistence, and most importantly time. Some Capricorns delay love by pouring their energies into their careers. Others may go through a period of deliberately choosing dalliances rather than true romance until they gain enough wisdom and perspective to choose the right mate.

Interestingly, members of this Saturn-ruled zodiac sign often wait until their Saturn return (the period of time when Saturn returns to its position in the person's natal chart-around age 27-30) before choosing a partner for life.


For this reason, Capricorn's are usually mature individuals before they marry. A Capricorn in love at an early age may marry for the wrong reasons-out of physical desire or wanting to conform to their peers or to gain wealth and position. Since this type of unions does not go beneath the surface to Capricorn's hidden emotional core, they rarely last.

Capricorns who marry before they truly feel ready have a tendency to cheat. A few Capricorns never gain the courage to let anyone see their vulnerabilities and so may develop a cynical denial of the possibility of love.


A mature Capricorn in love usually understands the concept of love very well and will not have any problems committing for life. They will also tend to remain loyal and devoted to this partner.

A Sea-goat who has evolved can offer their mate intimacy and romance as well a pragmatic approach to finances and household duties. As they mature, Capricorns may even outgrow their workaholic tendencies and seek more opportunities to spend time with their partners through shared hobbies and interests.


Although Capricorns have a reputation for thriftiness, they do not stint on gifts for their partner.

Capricorns are very private people who expand their privacy to include a partner when they fall in love. They like to choose gifts which convey this sense of a couple set apart from the rest of the world.

A Capricorn in love may choose a beautiful set of wedding rings to do this. For an anniversary gift, they may select a pair of elegant silk robes for them and their partner to wear when they are lounging together.

They may take a romantic couples vacation to some resort to celebrate their partner's birthday. However, the Capricorn style of romance rarely involves surprise-they will expect to plan the vacation with their partner and may want to start an annual tradition of going to the same place each year.


As parents, Capricorns offer love coupled with structure to their children. They believe in teaching their children the quality of self-discipline.

A Capricorn in love with someone who already has children often welcomes the opportunity to prove their love by taking on the additional responsibility of step-parenting.


A Capricorn in love will often go to great lengths to save a relationship in trouble. This is partially for practical reasons. They do not want to give up the years they have invested with a partner. Also, they do not easily reveal themselves to new people and so would prefer to salvage an old relationship with someone who already knows them.