Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

The Capricorn Man

Are you intrigued by a Capricorn man? Don't believe what you may have heard in the past about Capricorn men; their hearts are warm and they secretly yearn for the affection of others.

It may surprise you to know that Capricorn men have a natural, inborn talent for comedy: they are masters of irony and wordplay.

They are also big fans of mystery, thanks to their Saturnian talent for concealment, but don't expect him to run off to the next dream workshop or comedy club with you; he'll almost never stop being the disciplined, direct and ambitious man who gets what he wants.

Capricorn men tend not to respond to flattery and compliments; it's the achievement of his goals that gets him fired up. At the same time, if you dose him carefully with admiration, you'll have a much healthier and happier Sea-Goat on your hands, and he'll get used to not only acknowledging your compliments, but returning them as well.

The late-bloomer

Capricorn men are usually recognized to be late bloomers; most people don't learn the lessons of Saturn (patience, persistence and so on), but the Capricorn does, and as they get older they become more mellow and full of fun. Chances are that if you have a group of mature men around, the Capricorn man will be the youngest-looking one of the lot; they age well.

When they are working their way up hill, they'll be so focused on their climb that they may not do some of the more romantic things that you'd like, but when they reach the top and achieve their goals, they'll be fit, energetic and ready to see the world, while their peers are still complaining and falling apart.

Being with a Capricorn man is like making a long-term investment without the worry about market fluctuations; you'll find that as time goes by, he gets better and better.

Loyal and true

Capricorn may be the most loyal of the signs, but for a very tricky reason. The will tend to have a more stable attitude when young, and you might expect them to begin to go wild as they grow older, but what keeps them from doing this is their reverence for his family and the institution of the family as a whole.

He may look, but he won't stray from the perilous path he treads up the mountainside. Another thing is that a Capricorn man won't tolerate anyone who does not get along with his family; never try forcing him to choose between either his family or yours, or between his family and you. You may not like the results.

Doing it by the book

Men born under Capricorn will tend to do most things on schedule; shopping, visits to his favorite places, and even romance all have their place in his agenda. It may seem like an unfeeling way to do things, but as he gets older, he'll feel less need for this kind of regulation.

He mellows as he reaches his goals, and becomes able to set the tools that got him there aside; and the sooner he learns to express his affection and his tender sentiments, the smoother his transition will be. It would be a good idea to introduce your Capricorn man to Shakespeare or any of the other historical spokesmen for the wonders of love; in doing so it will help his soul blossom sooner, and consequently improve all aspects of his life.