Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Capricorn Personality

The Capricorn personality is one of a natural perfectionist who always strives to do and be the absolute best possible. They thrive as entrepreneurs, trailblazers, accountants, and idea men. Capricorns are typically also diplomatic sorts who win people over with their razor sharp wits and biting senses of humor.

Ruled by stern, serious Saturn, Capricorn natives are folks who approach life from a rational standpoint, are big on tradition, and tend to be conservative in their approach to life in general.

Just like their trademark symbol the goat, Capricorn natives are people who are naturals when it comes to scaling the great mountains of life. They are innovative, diligent individuals who are very good with money and virtuosos when it comes to business and investment.

The Tenth House of Industry and Career

The tenth house is the sector of the cosmic wheel which governs the realms of work, career, industry, and life purpose. It is here that we can find valuable information as to a particular individual's best professional options, as well as the way we can expect him to be received within the career field he chooses.

We see this influence on the Capricorn personality in the way one of this sign's primary concerns is success at its profession of choice. Not only is professional excellence important to a Capricorn, but so is financial security, status, and recognition.

The tenth house is also strongly associated with the concepts of father and teacher. We see this influence in the way your textbook Capricorn is a natural-born teacher and guide. People born under this sign do make wonderful fathers. However, they are just as well cut out for management, leadership, or government as well.

Earth: Integrity and Grounded Ambition

Capricorn is one of three zodiac signs ruled by the stable and reliable element of earth. Earth signs like Capricorn are naturally concerned with concepts like financial security, material possessions, and worldly reputation. They tend to adopt a practical approach to life, relationships, and accomplishment.

However, some earth signs can be serious to the point of rigidity and even immobility. Care should be within the Capricron personality to seek balance in all aspects of life - especially between the concepts of work and play.

We can further see the influence of careful earth in the tendency of the Capricorn personality to be tough and critical, especially on itself and its own body of accomplishment. Many born under this sign are prone to depressive episodes or problems with obsessive-compulsive disorders. They must work hard to build healthy self esteem and see to it that they don't worry (or work) themselves to death.

Saturn: The Master of Boundaries and Wisdom

In Roman mythology, Saturn was the divine representative of time. Not only does time measure out the fabric of the universe and set the pace for all that happens for the length of eternity, but it expertly handles tough decisions involving life and death, life lessons, and karma as well.

Saturn's rulership over Capricorn can be seen in the sign's personality and it's penchant for responsibility, tradition, and decorum. It is also at the root of the Capricorn reputation for maturity before its time (even in childhood) and the tendency to bloom late in life.