Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

A Capricorn Relationship

You may be drawn to a Capricorn relationship because of their persistence, or because you admire their sober mood and dependability. Whatever the reason, the Capricorn is a curious character who can be difficult understand.

What's even more curious is that despite the bragging and power that the Capricorn's competitors will display, it's usually the Capricorn who will come out on top.

Capricorn, like the mountain goat, is a climber; maybe of the career ladder, maybe of the social one, but once they have set their direction in life, you know that direction is up.

Raising the bar

Many astrologers will tell you that a Capricorn tends to be solitary and individualist, but seldom understand why.

The truth is that the Capricorn knows full well that within a group, one can only rise at the speed of the group. They know that our social lives tend to become comfort zones in which we are happy, but can limit ourselves through the fear of separation.

The Capricorn does not have this problem: their distaste for frivolity and unnecessary social activity goes hand and hand with their ambition.

You'll seldom meet a Capricorn that relishes doing nothing or enjoying themselves at a party when there is work to be done. They make sure and steady progress; it's almost like nature designed them for success.

Their ambition is quiet, they have no need to speak of it out loud; the achievement of their goals is all the validation that they need.

Capricorn relationships; the down side

A Capricorn can take insults, pressures and disappointments in stride, but this does not mean that they take them lightly.

They tend to have a lockbox in their inner selves where they put these stings and pains (as well as their ambition), and only open it to put more in.

They're very well trained to push ever onward and stick to their plans, and although they admire those who have trod the path they're on in the past, they seldom seek admiration. Even the most romantic of Capricorns will not let the feelings of bliss or ecstasy cloud over their goal which is always in sight.

This doesn't seem to bother the Capricorn, or their partner, but when you are with a friend born under this sign and are talking about art or sports or some other common subject, you can be sure that the Capricorn has a mental finger planted on the pause button, waiting for the first opportunity to lift it and resume the upward climb.

Capricorn relationships; the bright side

The typical Capricorn is an imminently useful person, and when in a relationship, they find a way to make themselves indispensible. This is true of most relationships, including business ones; Capricorns are dependable and like being depended on.

In a romantic relationship, a Capricorn can make themselves indispensible in more intimate ways. You'll find your Capricorn to be busy, even when they don't appear to be, because when they're not directly doing something to advance their purpose, they're listening to the gears and wheels that they've already set in motion, checking for any necessary maintenance or updates.

Capricorn's friends tend to benefit from their relentless drive and game-theory-like planning; they will often see to it that those who appreciate their efforts and support them are well taken care of. You'll benefit from the Capricorn's stern and practical wisdom, and his kindness as well.