Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Capricorn Sign Meaning

What is the meaning of the Capricorn sign? Capricorn (the Sea-Goat) is the 10th sign of the Zodiac, and the 3rd, and last of the Earth signs. Even more practical than the other earth signs, these calculating people are always striving to reach the top of whatever mountain they're trying to climb like the mountain goat sometimes used as its symbol.

Capricorn is also the last of the Cardinal signs, marking the date when the Sun reaches its southernmost point in the sky, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and the first day of winter.

People of this sign rarely use the drive that comes from this pivotal sign for anything other than the fulfillment of their ambitions.

The curious emblem of the "Sea Goat" that has been associated with the meaning of this sign since the early Roman Empire comes from a legend about Pan; the ancient Arcadian god of the wild.

The myth was that when he was attacked by the monster Typhon, that he dove into the Nile; the part that was above the water remained as a goat, while the part that was below turned into a fish. Nevertheless scholars of the subject have come to believe that this sign was originally his constellation.

The house of Saturn and the throne of Mars

Capricorn has been associated with the planet Saturn since time immemorial. Being the slowest moving of the planets, it's perfectly representative of the time of the year when the snow falls, ice forms and human activity slows to a crawl (the Zodiac was invented in the northern hemisphere).

Like the long, dark nights of winter, people born under this sign tend to be serious and mean business. They tend to be sure footed and well suited to slowly and steadily move forward with their plans.

Mars is exalted in this sign because without the irrepressible drive of this planet, the seriousness and steadiness of the Capricorn wouldn't get anywhere; this is the sign of the Zodiac where Mars' dynamic power is under control.

Some astrological writers accuse people born under this sign of Saturn as being shy, but that's often not the case; usually if they're standing in the background watching the festivities, it's not because they don't want to join in; it's because they see no advantage in it.

Capricorn's basic personality

People born under Capricorn rarely waste energy; they take action in a determined, calculated and ultimately efficient way.

Sometimes they are a bit stubborn, but that's only a character trait that emerges when others try to convince the Capricorn to engage in something that does not have any apparent or tangible benefit to them.

A Capricorn person is often all about leverage; they hate gossip and small talk, but will use what they learn from it if it helps them take their next step ahead. This may seem to make the Capricorn cold and calculating, but the fact is that the Capricorn usually comes out on top of situations, because of their natural gift for doing things carefully.

Usually quiet and gentle, the Capricorn has a talent for keeping their ambitions, intelligence and power hidden from view; many have been disappointed with the attempt to sell a Capricorn a bill of goods, because they find it very easy to use the word "no."

Many people born in the sign of the Goat are very romantic; several famous authors, poets, musicians and actors (including some of today's most famous heartthrobs) are Capricorns.

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