Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Capricorn Traits

Capricorn traits are represented by the innovative, yet conservative sign of the goat. Capricorn occupies the tenth position in the sequence of the zodiac. Ruled by stern taskmaster Saturn - the planet that governs long-term situations, life lessons, and maturity

Capricorn natives are diligent, traditional, and often the proud owners of sarcastic senses of humor. They are also considered to be some of life's most effective business people and trailblazers.

We list the top traits associated with those born under this reliable and diplomatic sign here:

Diligent and Responsible

If there's one thing a Capricorn instinctively does best and knows a lot about, it's working and earning money. They're not so bad when it comes to investing money or managing it either.

Most Capricorns come into this world possessed of a strong need to build and maintain a sizeable nest egg, as there is nothing more frightening to these natives than the idea of being poor or not living a secure life.

This tendency combined with their inherently strong work ethic means that Capricorn natives make wonderfully reliable employees and business partners who really do have success in their blood. However, Capricorns must take care not to let their natural practicality mutate into stinginess or miserliness as the years wear on.

Tactful and Sarcastic

Although you wouldn't necessarily figure that a sign ruled by a planet as serious and stern as Saturn is would possess a profound affinity for humor, Capricorn natives most assuredly do. A sense of humor is one of the defining Capricorn traits.

Granted, their humor leans toward the dark and sarcastic side, but these folks nevertheless are very well-known within their social circles for really knowing how to make people laugh.

Additional Capricorn traits include the desire to be traditional and diplomatic. They know what to say and how to say it to get the results they're after and they tend to avoid drama or conflict to the greatest extent possible.

Careful and Self-Conscious

Another one of the key Capricorn traits is that those born under this sign are logical, analytical folks. Although this can sometimes come across as detached or disconnected to the untrained eye. They don't like to open themselves up to the possibility of being hurt, so many are reserved individuals who do not wear their feelings and emotions on their sleeves.

It is also a Capricorn trait to be terrified of public humiliation or ridicule. They tend to handle their problems, sorrows, and disappointments on their own instead of sharing the load with others, so even those closest to a Capricorn may sometimes get the impression they don't really know them.

Depressive and Anxious

As Capricorn's trademark self-consciousness trait can sometimes lead to self esteem problems, it is not unusual for many of these natives to exhibit a tendency toward melancholy or depression. Alternatively, they can develop nervous disorders and issues with anxiety.

These are people who are very hard on themselves and who are never quite able to see the fruits of their labors as good enough no matter how successful they may become. Great care must be taken to make sure these problems do not spiral out of control and lead to full-blown clinical issues with depression and/or compulsive disorders.

Active and Busy

It's a Capricorn trait to be a rolling stone that gathers no moss. They believe in well-roundedness and being the absolute best you can be. Not only is it one of Capricorn traits to work hard, but they tend to have many, many productive hobbies with which to occupy their free time.

They also tend to make sure they're perpetually in good physical condition. Most will be sure to exercise on a regular basis, eat right, and avoid overindulgences of all kinds.