Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

The Capricorn Woman

Don't expect a Capricorn woman to follow the stereotypes of her sign that you see in standard astrological press; they are the trickiest to typecast. You may find a Capricorn woman doing anything from busily living the role of a debutante to being a dancer, but one thing is certain; she'll always be at the top of her game.

A Capricorn woman is just as ambitious as a Capricorn man, and hides that ambition equally as well, thanks to her patronage by the planet Saturn.

The ultimate career woman

Almost every female Capricorn you meet will be a career woman, intent on breaking the glass ceiling and rising to the highest heights she can. You may get the idea that love and romance don't play much of a role in her life, but you'd be mistaken.

She, like the Capricorn male, will never allow romantic love to cloud their view of the mountaintop she intends to climb, but she is always willing to get there with the help of the security and respect that a solid partnership can give her.

A Capricorn woman considers a happy home and a family as an asset to her ambitions, and very often, she will put her social status at the top of her mountain instead of a career; the money she could make is not as important to her as the view from the peak of the mountain she climbs.

You may be surprised that many Capricorn females are writers, musicians or of some other artistic bent; and if you try to tell her that it's lonely at the top, she'll just giggle and show you the pictures of her friends and associates that are already there.

She's cool, calm, and collected

Female Capricorns are a solid and practical lot; there is little that will ruffle their composure. She does not like teasing or being the brunt of jokes, and will work hard in order to elevate herself into a position where that sort of behavior is just not tolerated.

She will have gloomy moods, but only when she is worried about what might happen in the unknown future. She will put plenty of energy into planning for it, and use her sharp mind and her organizational skills to make sure her bases are covered.

She's also not likely to expose her plans frivolously, or put her cart before her horse; she never counts her chickens before they hatch, because her analytical mind only sees chickens and eggs


An abundance of desire lurks beneath still waters

Almost every Capricorn woman you meet will have intense physical desires hidden under her cool surface, and she's never one to waste time when it comes to satisfying them.

Once she's sure of her love, she becomes the warmest and most affectionate a partner anyone could want, and may even exceed their expectations.

She needs to know where romance is taking her, and if she sees it leading away from her mountain, she'll take control and re-align it with her goals, or she'll use all her skills and inner power to go in both directions at the same time.

She's likely to be quite social, but won't be seen among aimless or un-ambitious people; if you've fallen for a female Capricorn, you'd best have your "A-game" on all the time or she'll tread up the mountain without you.