Zodiac Love Matches

Gemini Woman Aquarius Man

Our Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man compatibility rating is 10. One of the few relationships that we give a 10 and it should only get better with time. The elements are the same, and together with the planets they balance the qualities. He will love you for who you are, and expect his open and tolerant love to be returned.

You may start out as friends, but you won't have any trouble taking things to the next level.

The Elements

Both of you are Air signs, and have similar interests and motivations. You both know how to take things lightly, and seldom face a clash of ideals.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Because of the elemental and planetary compatibility, the qualities balance each other; your Mutable Sign flexibility is balanced by his Fixed Sign seriousness, and the best thing about it is that he's serious about enjoying life.

The Planets

Mercury vs Saturn & Uranus - Mercury is your planet; he has two - the traditional ruler Saturn and the co-ruler Uranus. His planets are almost opposite each other in terms of their astrological nature, and that's why he has a similar two-sided personality to your own. Because of belonging to the same elemental triad, Mercury will work well with both his planets, and you'll find it easy to adapt to whichever side of him is most prominent at the moment.

Love and Romance

An Aquarius Man is almost a perfect match for a Gemini Woman like yourself. He loves to be surprising and dreads being like anyone you've known before. He loves your changeableness in a very strange way; he wants to see the world change, but he thinks he's already changed enough. His ideas may be set in a typical fixed sign fashion, but you're likely to find them to be fun, and he's always looking for new ones, which you usually have. You have excellent physical chemistry through the elements, and each of you is likely to have a strong inner sense of what the other wants, or what the other will like. An Aquarian man is neither jealous nor restrictive of your freedom, because he understands the need for friendship, and never wants to make a big thing of anything. You are so much alike, yet so surprisingly different, that you'll never know what to expect next, and, like most Geminis you love guessing games.

The Keys to Success

Always be direct, honest, and truthful with him.

The main thing he requires from you to feel comfortable in the relationship is the truth. He's a fixed sign, and has a strong Saturnian influence; he does not think in terms of the truth being relative, or a matter of interpretation. Flex your mental muscles and learn how to give a straightforward yes or no answer to his questions, and he'll be thrilled beyond words.

Watch for changing moods and avoid the routine.

His moods and emotions change as quickly as yours do; it's almost impossible to find one that is locked into some kind of boring routine. If your he happens to be saddled with responsibilities, you'll sense his sadness, but also liberate him from it, by your natural gift of conversation and the bright yet quirky way in which you express yourself.

Laugh with him, not at him.

He can be somewhat unpredictable, but he won't do things just to "get a rise out of you" as other men might. At the same time, he enjoys your stimulating conversation and intelligent humor, but you shouldn't make him the brunt of it, or engage in misdirection or manipulation with him; even in jest, he won't like it; he'll interpret it as your thinking that he's not enough for you, and that will really "bring him down."

Final Score: Gemini Woman Aquarius Man compatibility = 100%.

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