Zodiac Love Matches

Gemini Woman Aries Man

Our Gemini Woman and Aries Man compatibility rating is 9. Both the elements and the qualities are a good match. Mercury and Mars have an instable friendship, but a solid one. Aries makes an excellent partner for you in either business or romance; chances are his first hello will get your attention, and it's likely to be his intention.

Depending on individual birth charts, this relationship might be a perfect match.

The Elements

Air vs Fire - Air needs fire to stay in motion, while Fire needs Air to burn; you're likely to feel how quickly you are moved by his words and actions, while he's finding your words and ideas exciting enough to "light his fire." Your ability to adapt quickly is something the Aries looks for in a partner, while he contains and expresses all the passion that you desire.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - Because you are born under one of the Mutable signs, one of your most visible traits is flexibility; this is one of the things he looks for in a partner. His moods and attitudes fade as quickly as they flare up, and you can easily understand this, because yours are constantly changing as well.

The Planets

Mercury vs Mars - Mercury is a thinker and communicator, while Mars is the planet of action; the two need each other and work very well together. Aries is often too passionate to do the talking when dealing with joint business or important negotiations, where your Mercurial nature shines in this area. You're likely to have the information, but your Martian Aries Man will know how to use that information to your mutual advantage. The two of you don't mind playing a "brains and brawn" combination, because of how much fun you have together.

Love and Romance

Being a Gemini woman, you become instantly bored with someone who doesn't think for themselves and is unable to express those thoughts; he never fails to speak his mind. In fact, Aries people in general have a hard time being deceptive, which is something you appreciate and enjoy. Both of you have a passion for social life and activity, and although he may wonder about your running about with friends, he really your understanding of his freedom as well. He may occasionally get upset if you are late, but his moods are usually short-lived. Both signs have a kind of perpetual youthfulness; his is full of enthusiasm and yours is full of curiosity. The high level of energy you have together is clearly visible to others in public, and in intimate situations it can really turn up the heat.

The Keys to Success

Let him handle the plans, ideas, and entertainment.

Make sure he knows that it's his job to come up with plans, ideas and new forms of entertainment; he will never bore or disappoint you. His inner senses know that if he starts to become dull and old fashioned you'll lose interest, and he doesn't want that to happen.

Understand he needs assurance.

He will know that you're not a jealous or possessive person, but he will not be able to resist protecting his interests in social situations. He needs constant assurance, and even though you're not into "belonging" to someone, giving that assurance will reap innumerable rewards.

Don't expect him to be old fashioned.

Don't expect him to play an old fashioned role for you, and he'll never demand the same of you. He's honest and loves you for your skills and abilities as much as your other attributes. Aries Men usually initiate their relationships, and if he's chosen you, the game is on, so enjoy it.

Final Score: Gemini Woman Aries Man compatibility = 90%.

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