Zodiac Love Matches

Gemini Woman Cancer Man

Our Gemini Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 6. This relationship has challenges, but some potential as well. This is generally a difficult relationship because of the elemental mismatch. The qualities are moderately favorable, and the planets are OK, especially if you travel together.

With effort, this relationship might get another point, but it's not easy work.

The Elements

Air vs Water - This elemental combination can turn a tranquil sea into a typhoon; you'll need to watch and analyze a Cancer Man's moods closely to keep things in balance. It may be easy for him to think of you as being unreliable, but he's not likely to voice it until it's really hurt him in some way. Try to be on time when meeting him.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - You're the Mutable sign in this pair, and it's much easier for you to adapt to his nature and activity than it is for him to adapt to you. He is born under a Cardinal sign, and even though he won't voice it, he'll always want to lead.

The Planets

Mercury vs the Moon & Jupiter - Your planet, Mercury is not patient; it likes to keep busy all the time. It does open lines of communication when working with the Moon that can go very deep. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, and gives him his security-conscious and imaginative nature.

Love and Romance

In order to make this relationship work, you'll need patience on your part, and adaptability on his. Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of patience, and he is not usually willing to adapt to your varied and changeable lifestyle. Your ever-present need for freedom is at loggerheads with his possessiveness. He may, every once and a while, be in a mood to enjoy the high-spirited fun that you thrive on, but his moods change with the phases of the Moon, and he will probably shift away from whatever possessed him to be so reckless with his tender feelings. Your moods change often as well, but they usually don't do so in a recognizable pattern that's in synch with his. You may try to imitate his patience and sensitivity at times, and he may occasionally be as restless as you, but these events are dependent on the moving planets, and don't last long enough to build a strong foundation for a relationship.

The Keys to Success

Cancer Men are traditional, protective and understanding.

If you put some effort into keeping up with mundane responsibilities, his understanding of you may grow in time. Speed up the process by cheering him up when he's in a down mood, or by feeding his desire for affection. You'll need to avoid becoming dependent on him, or letting him be too possessive of you.

Focus on his sense of humor and social skills.

His sense of humor and his social skills are likely to be his best asset in your eyes, so make sure that you provide him the opportunity to enjoy them. He likes meeting new people, but he is sensitive, and doesn't like to be the target of others' humor. You have the ability to get him out of his beloved comfort zone, and once he does declare himself, he'll become a gallant, affectionate and almost poetic partner.

Realize it will take time for them to share their feelings.

Cancer Men are quite sincere, and when they feel like they're being properly and fully loved, there's almost nothing they won't do for their partners. You need to realize, though, that they aren't usually in a hurry to express their feelings; he can wait and "make sure" much longer than you can or do.

Final Score: Gemini Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 60%.

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