Zodiac Love Matches

Gemini Woman Capricorn Man

Our Gemini Woman and Capricorn Man compatibility rating is 4. The elements are uncomfortable with each other, and the qualities are not helped by the planetary combination. Unless you are both willing to work hard to learn what each other has to teach, this will be a nerve-wracking relationship.

If you are willing and patient, this relationship will blossom to a 7 or 8 in time

The Elements

Air vs Earth - The Air element represents your intelligence and wit, the Earth element represents Capricorn's patience and restraint. Without many favorable planets in your horoscopes, this is a tense connection.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - Gemini is a flexible and communicative Mutable Sign; Capricorn is a goal-oriented Cardinal Sign. He's not one to spend time on matters that don't concern his success because it's unnecessary, and you're not one to avoid the kind of networking that may or may not concern yours, because it's fun.

The Planets

Mercury vs Saturn & Mars - Mercury, your planet, is the planet of variety, while Saturn, the planet of Capricorn, is the planet of certainty. These opposite needs balance each other, but the typical Capricorn Man takes his time with balancing things out. Mars, his exalted planet, provides his ambition, and he's not likely to stop until he's achieved his goals, even in relationships.

Love and Romance

A Gemini Woman sees the world in terms of its possibilities; the Capricorn Man sees the possibility of success and failure, and does everything he can to avoid the latter. To the typical Capricorn, caution is the beginning of wisdom, and he tends to gain wisdom by avoiding mistakes, not by the lessons he learns from the rare ones he makes. A Gemini Woman is more likely to throw caution to the wind in the drive to experience whatever life has to offer; this is something that Capricorn rarely understands, and seldom approves of. He also might not understand why, with an intelligent and analytical mind, you don't focus on the consequences of your actions. Many Capricorns have an interest in the deep mysteries of life, or the arts, but even they don't have a lighthearted, happy approach to them. Gemini Women don't like to wait, and Capricorns are the poster-boys for patience. Interestingly, as they get older, they become more fun and better company. But waiting for them to grow into their childhood may not be your cup of tea.

The Keys to Success

Don't try and press spur of the moment plans.

Don't try to press your Capricorn into doing things they don't have planned. It's not that they like saying "no"; they don't like saying "yes." Capricorn takes action after they have a chance to assess the possible consequences, and when they do, they do it with the overwhelming force of Saturn. This is not a spontaneous man.

Learn patience from him.

Patience is probably his greatest virtue, and may be one of the virtues that you, as a Gemini, lack in your life. He is not one to take chances, and if he notices a hint of abandon in your behavior, he's likely to lecture, but not scold. Capricorn Men are ambitious, but not forceful; they put their force to work inwardly, not visibly. Their passions are like that too.

Remember that he does not make decisions lightly.

He is judgmental, but also very secure. He will give you plenty of rope, but he is waiting for the opportunity to ask what you learned from the mistake you made. Although not one to break relationships easily, he's also not one to enter them easily. If you're expecting him to introduce himself, you'll have, once again, to be patient.

Final Score: Gemini Woman Capricorn Man compatibility = 40%.

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