Zodiac Love Matches

Gemini Woman Leo Man

Our Gemini Woman and Leo Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements are in accord and the qualities work together. The planets are a match in terms of the way that you can support, encourage and excite his passionate nature.

If you don't tease him, and if you voice your respect for him, you can easily add another point.

The Elements

Air vs Fire - Air and Fire elements support each other. He will add plenty of excitement and warmth to your life, and you will add plenty of fun and reason to his.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Your sign belongs to the Mutable group, which means flexibility and changeableness, while Leo is a Fixed sign; more set in his ways and practical. This could be a little tricky in financial matters, because the Leo is often overly generous and not risk-averse, and neither are you. You have the skill to set things right with him, if you're careful.

The Planets

Mercury vs the Sun - Mercury and Apollo (the Sun) did a lot of business together in the old myths; the planets work together well. There are plenty of roles that you can play for a Leo Man, and he's likely to enjoy them all. Don't fail to boost his image in the eyes of others; doing so will make him happy, and the rewards to you will be very romantic.

Love and Romance

As a Gemini woman, you definitely know how to handle a Leo Man. It won't take you long at all to figure out how much he loves compliments, and it won't take much longer than that to figure out how to deliver criticism; you just follow it up with more compliments. He is likely to be absolutely happy with the way you treat him, and the way that you show him off to others; but it's important for you to watch out for his commanding tone and his temper. It takes a lot to get him angry, but when he is, you won't want to be around. He can also be quite jealous and possessive, but unlike some of the more quiet signs, he will let you know. Most of his upsets come from a lack of attention; giving attention to him on a regular basis will lengthen the amount of rope he gives you to enjoy times with friends. Your physical compatibility is excellent; it takes very little effort to have a happy Leo on your hands.

The Keys to Success

Compliments and praise will work wonders.

The key to a his heart is the attention that you give him. You don't need to flatter him with every word, but when you want something, or need him to understand something, or what to comfort him when he's not at his best, a few endearing words will begin to cheer him up, and then he'll affectionately "work with you" in a way that makes the both of you feel better.

You must be as loyal as he is.

He is extremely loyal, and expects the same from you. If he's involved with you, that means you have gained his trust, and it would be best not to violate it. It's not likely that you will, because the aggressive and protective Leo Man is probably someone that you've had to compete for.

Keep the trust strong between you.

Trust is often an issue between Gemini Women and Leo Men, because your bright and witty conversation and love of social activity will probably make him suspicious. Try to stay within his orbit at parties and gatherings, and reassure him afterward that he is your top priority.

Final Score: Gemini Woman Leo Man compatibility = 80%.

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