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Gemini Woman Pisces Man

Our Gemini Woman and Pisces Man compatibility rating is 5. A Gemini Woman and Pisces Man share similarities, including their qualities, but most is mismatched. The elements are discordant, and the planets don't lend enough support to create an advantage for you, even though you are both born into Mutable signs.

This is a relationship that will require a lot of effort.

The Elements

Air vs Water - Air and Water are antagonistic to one another. If there are other factors in harmony this can be resolved easily, but in general, the other disagreements will make it difficult for you to see your Gemini Man's point of view.

The Qualities

Both are Mutable - Both of you are born under Mutable signs. Because of the planets, neither of you has much natural stability, making it hard to support each other emotionally.

The Planets

Mercury vs Jupiter, Neptune, & Venus - This is a challenging situation for Mercury, because his Jupiter may favor Mercury, but his co-ruler, Neptune is not likely to. Neptune is associated with dreams and mysteries, and like the trickster of mythology, undermines Mercury's logical process. Venus, the planet exalted in Pisces, explain why Pisces Men are always looking for that perfect relationship, even if they know that love can't be qualified like that.

Love and Romance

This is a difficult and complex relationship, because there are few factors to balance it, even though you both have much in common. Both of you value your freedom, hate boredom, have a great love of music and can't stand being tied to routines. But it also happens that you share your less angelic traits with one another as well. You'll both tend to put a "spin" on the truth to what you think is your own advantage, and you both will try to cover your mistakes with a basket full of excuses. He has excellent listening skills, however, and can help you figure out problems that baffle you, or your reason, but he can't tolerate accusations or criticism, even when it's needed. You both need understanding, and can give it sometimes, but situations revolving around family or career can bring on arguments that may be impossible to resolve.

The Keys to Success

Help him avoid other peoples problems.

He has a bad habit of getting involved in other people's problems, more often than not at the expense of the effort necessary to solve his own. Even though you're a social person who values friendship, this can sometimes be so annoying that you want to scream, and you just might. You'll need to speak softly and slowly, and maybe even repeat yourself more often than you like, in order to get your Pisces Man to focus on his own self interest, but if anyone can do it, you can.

Use affection to break sullen moods.

Most women born under Gemini have a Mercurial approach to trouble; you'll analyze the situation and try to develop a reasonable solution. Pisces Men prefer to avoid trouble however they can; he'll focus on how he'd like things to be, but if he thinks he can't do anything about it, he'll fall into one of his silent moods, which can really upset you. Only tender affection will break him out of it.

Talk to him about what you need and want.

Getting your way with a Pisces Man is not likely to be difficult, and he will keep trying to please you, no matter what it takes. Usually your needs change as quickly as your moods, and he will keep changing his affections in order to satisfy you. He'd rather avoid any unpleasantness that may erupt, so be sure to let him know what your needs are, just to point him in the right direction.

Final Score: Gemini Woman Pisces Man compatibility = 50%.

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