Zodiac Love Matches

Gemini Woman Scorpio Man

Our Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man compatibility rating is 4. We are pretty pessimistic on this relationship. The elements are a mismatch and the planets have a hard time understanding each other; this is also a case where there is friction between the qualities.

If he can be satisfied with inconstant devotion and she can abide his suspicious nature, you can add another point each to the rating, ...but it won't be easy.

The Elements

Air vs Water - Gemini is a mental and conversational Air Sign, which moves constantly from one thing to another. Scorpio is an emotional and sensual Water Sign who has a less mobile nature. A hurricane can move a lot of water, but Scorpio is like the ocean under the polar ice caps; it takes a lot to move him one way or another.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Gemini is a Mutable Sign, and therefore changeable and adaptable. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, and the most focused and self-disciplined among them. You're likely to have a difficult time with his serious nature.

The Planets

Mercury vs Mars & Pluto - Mercury and Mars often make for excellent partnerships, but Pluto, the co-ruler of Scorpio, may be a bit too intense for your taste. A Scorpio may not understand why anyone would be interested in having surface knowledge of people and things, while you may not understand why he must know the deepest secrets of whatever he's interested in.

Love and Romance

As a Gemini Woman, men under the sign of Scorpio hold a powerful magnetic attraction to you, but unless you are willing to make a lot of adjustments, this can be a troublesome match. A Scorpio man is domineering, serious and intense, and never does anything lightly, and is very different from you in other ways. He expects the same kind of loyalty and devotion that he possesses himself. You may delight and thrill him with your conversation and stories, but don't tell the same story to him twice; version 2.0 will only arouse his suspicion. At the same time, he is passionate and gentle, and possessed by tremendous self-discipline. The romantic chemistry is good as well. But you'll have work hard to maintain the kind of poise that does not arouse his suspicious nature. The good news is that you probably can adapt, at least long enough to gain his trust.

The Keys to Success

Don't expect him to be lighthearted.

You'll certainly excite a him with your versatility and enthusiasm, but don't expect him to be satisfied with a lighthearted, fun relationship. Scorpio men think in terms of permanence, and don't go back on their word. Your many changes of mood will cause him to raise an eyebrow and wonder if you take anything seriously, especially him.

Expect him to be inquisitive.

Expect him to want to know where you are and what you're doing, and other secrets or things that you'd prefer to keep private. A typical Gemini Woman is not used to talking about herself, checking in or being on time, and these behaviors annoy the Scorpio, and cause him to set his devotion to you aside until he can determine if he's about to lose his heart to someone that doesn't understand him.

Know that he is serious about romance.

He never looks at romance or intimacy as a game. To him it is a matter of integrity; he won't make promises he doesn't intend to fulfill. This may be difficult for a Gemini Woman to understand at first, but his deep passion and hypnotic gaze will fascinate you, and may cause you to make whatever adjustments you need to make to have him in your life.

Final Score: Gemini Woman Scorpio Man compatibility = 40%.

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