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Gemini Woman Taurus Man

Our Gemini Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements are not balanced, and the qualities can have a difficult time with one another. The planets enjoy each others' company, but it is difficult for his Venus to relax and enjoy your Mercurial wit.

This relationship can gain another point if you are flexible enough to slow down and appreciate his honest and stable approach to life.

The Elements

Air vs Earth - Air and Earth have difficulty understanding each others' motivations. You, being an Air Sign, are mentally oriented toward fun and communication, he is essentially focused on security and stability. He does not like change very much, while you live for it. All Earth Signs can be somewhat possessive, and that's not something you usually appreciate.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Adaptability, variety and change are the hallmarks of the Mutable Signs, of which you happen to be one. The Fixed Signs group, to which he belongs, takes a practical and down-to-earth approach to life. These attitudes don't necessarily conflict with one another, but they do show that the two of you handle both happiness and difficulty in completely different ways.

The Planets

Mercury vs Venus & the Moon - Mercury is the planet that is said to rule your sign, while Venus is the "ruling" planet of Taurus. These two planets can get along together very well; Venus appreciates and enjoys Mercury's reasoning and intelligence. Mercury, however, can be quite a trickster, and that usually annoys the honest and forthright Taurus to no end. The Moon is exalted in his sign, showing how important relationships are to him. These two planets' combined natures are at the root of his magnetism and his powerful nature, and also emphasize his need for financial security.

Love and Romance

When a Taurus Man falls in love, it's almost impossible to change his opinion of his partner; it's also almost impossible to expect a casual, non-committed relationship with a Taurus. You may not find this to your liking; a Gemini Woman's mode of being is basically social, while his is basically personal. Because of his fixed, practical and earthy nature, there may be some difficulty in communication between you, as well. But he is totally devoted and will never make a promise that he can't keep. He is also a deeply passionate and sensual partner, as well as an excellent provider, but a relationship with him will take all the Mutable adaptability you can muster.

The Keys to Success

Don't confront him with too many changes too often.

If you change your hairstyle or are getting dressed in something he has never seen before, try to drop a hint or two before showing up. Also, if you have plans together, don't change them at the last minute; that's something he'll find hard to swallow, no matter what the excuse.

Don't push him to talk when he is tired.

Try not to force him to talk when he's tired or in a bad mood. If you need to talk about something, make sure to take him by the hand or place yours over his shoulder; this wakes up his interest and is an almost magical ice-breaker. It's also the best way to comfort him if he's not at his best; touch works better than any pill in his opinion.

Don't bother trying to change his mind.

Especially about money matters. If he goes as far as saying that his mind is made up, he means it. Usually you'll know when he's being stubborn before he says anything.

Final Score: Gemini Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 50%.

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