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Gemini Woman Virgo Man

Our Gemini Woman and Virgo Man compatibility rating is 8. Both are Mutable signs, and both share the same planet, Mercury. Your communication with one another is superb, and although the elements may be somewhat discordant, you'll always find a way of working things out.

With a little adaptation, this relationship can be a 9.

The Elements

Air vs Earth - You gain your vivacity from the Air element; he gains his seriousness from Earth. This is actually a good combination; even though the elements are generally discordant, the other common factors bring them into balance easily.

The Qualities

Mutable - Both of you are Mutable Signs; this means that you share a certain flexibility that makes adapting to each others' needs easy.

The Planets

Both are Mercury - Having the same quality and planet is an especially favorable omen for your relationship with a Virgo Man. It shows that you have similar interests, and go about pursuing them the same way. It's also true that he actually likes conversation, but it's likely that he takes himself, and you (and life in general), a lot more seriously than you do.

Love and Romance

A typical Gemini Woman is gregarious and always seeking new and enjoyable social situations, while the typical Virgo Man is quite content to amuse himself with his personal pursuits. This is usually the first, and sometimes only, point of disagreement between you. It's not that the Virgo is anti-social, but he often feels that he'd be much better off if he had someone in his life who "knows the territory" and this is where you come in. He'll admire your ease with all sorts of people, and is as much of a stimulating conversationalist as you are. He may appreciate romance, rather than getting passionately engulfed by it, but you do to. The kind of light and tender feelings that you enjoy together is special to him, and as long as you're willing to give him the time and space he needs for himself from time to time, you're not likely to be subjected to his sharp and precise criticism. You have a powerful advantage over women of other signs in this area; your shared planet Mercury is exalted in his sign, so he tends to put you on a pedestal.

The Keys to Success

Don't try to pry information from him.

Virgo Men are somewhat secretive; they don't like sharing their every thought with their partner. It's not a good idea to try to pry something out of him he's not volunteering; chances are very good that part of his quiet time is dedicated to improving himself, and he may not be willing to discuss that part of his internal "website" that's "under construction." He treasures his privacy, and will give you plenty of freedom once he trusts you, because it gives him a chance to enjoy it.

Don't try to tell him what he is thinking.

One of the few things that can get him really upset is if you tell him what he is thinking. Just try to avoid doing so; he knows as well as you do that you're only making an assumption and whether it's accurate or not, he finds it really offensive.

He is almost always thinking of your feelings.

Common annoyances and irritations may cause him to grumble and complain, but he rarely lets that be the cause of an argument. He's more concerned about your feelings than you think, and will only lecture you if his have really been hurt. He can be a sensitive mate or a scathing critic; it all depends on your sensitivity to his needs.

Final Score: Gemini Woman Virgo Man compatibility = 80%.

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