Gemini: May 21 - June 20

About Gemini

The Gemini sign is definitely a very complex sign. It is symbolized by "the Twins" for a reason. With this one sign you get both sides of extreme swings on the emotional pendulum. Gemini are really are two personalities in one.

You get both the yin and the yang with this one (so to speak), all wrapped up in the same complex package. You get good vs. bad, up vs. down, and happy vs. sad.

Overall, Gemini's are good natured and happy. However they do have that dual side to them that brings out both their positive and negative traits. They have a tendency to have extreme highs followed by extreme lows. It's like they have a pendulum inside them that is constantly swinging from one side to the other and they are helpless to control it.

So while they're basically happy and good natured, they can also be quick-tempered and mean. They may have an abundant amount of energy, but eventually they'll need to slow down and "re-charge" for awhile. While they love socializing, sometimes they need solitude. It's this constant back and forth that can make it difficult to understand where they're coming from. Eventually though the pendulum will swing again and the moods will shift back into happier ones; they just need some time to get there.

This makes Gemini's emotional by nature. They suffer from extremes their whole life and are always striving for a balance that seems to forever be just out of their reach. They often feel like something is missing in their life, but aren't sure what. It's only as they gain in maturity that they realize what they're seeking can be found in themselves. They don't need the perfect partner or best friend to complete them; they are already complete in themselves.

Gemini's have a natural, slim build with a tendency to be tall. Thin and wiry, they are definitely built for activity. They do not enjoy sitting still. This sign is on the go almost from birth and it shows in their youthful appearance. They are basically healthy but do get rather morose when they feel ill. Irritable and cranky is how they react every time when they have to stay off their feet for a few days.

Gemini's thrive in social settings. They crave opportunities to interact with others and use their great communication skills to be the life of the party. When they are the center of attention, they are "on". They are engaging, funny, and basically just the life of the party. They can't help themselves; with all their energy and good humor they are the magnets for attention and often have large groups of people flowing around them.

A Gemini has never met a stranger... at least not for long. They are naturally one of the friendliest and most out-going of all the signs. They aren't judgmental, they like everyone the same regardless of their personal beliefs or lifestyle choices. To them, everyone they meet has the potential to be not only their newest best friend but also their latest opportunity for adventure.

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