Gemini: May 21 - June 20

How to Attract a Gemini Woman

Want to know how to attract a Gemini woman? Gemini women are not looking for the usual stability and security, they want a partner who excites them.

Someone with a dashing, heroic image (like Gemini Anne Morrow Lindbergh's famous flying husband), someone who can teach them something (think of Marilyn Monroe's marriage to playwright Arthur Miller), or someone who can make them laugh (Anne Heche's romance with Ellen DeGeneres).

If you offer at least one of these things, Gemini will notice you; if you offer all of these qualities, she may find you irresistible.

Intrigue her with your words and wit

Gemini loves to flirt. To attract a Gemini woman you must engage with her in conversation, show her you can hit the verbal tennis ball back and forth over the net with verve and wit and you can become a contender for the position of her partner. Only a contender to begin with, since charming Gemini tends to have many suitors seeking her favors.

However, the more you can intrigue her with words, the more likely you are to move forward with her.

Casually mention that you trained as a chef before getting your law degree, tell her some amusing anecdotes about your time backpacking through Asia and offer to teach her a few of the phrases you picked up in Vietnam, and she will begin to see you as a worthy consort. It won't hurt, either, if you show up for your first date on a motorcycle, embodying movement for this Mercury-ruled sign.

Use speech to seduce her

To attract a Gemini woman, watch your mouth... and use your words well. Murmur in her ear how desirable you find her.

For this woman, speech can have an aphrodisiac effect. Especially if you have a sensuous voice, use it to peak her interest.

Look to poets for inspiration, but be sure you know what your saying. Simply reciting words without an understanding or meaningful connection will backfire as this quick witted word wizard will see right through you.

To attract a Gemini woman you must also always keep in mind that Gemini is ruled by the fastest moving planet in the solar system. Novelty keeps fickle Gemini from becoming bored. Keep your script fresh, fun, and exciting.

Don't expect her to settle down

Once the two of you become a couple, do not expect her to give up her freedom. She will still want to take evening classes and go on weekend jaunts with her friends. She may continue to flirt with everyone, regardless of gender.

For some Geminis, this verbal banter (regardless of the subtext) does not lead to anything more, it is simply a playful exercise to enliven the day. However, this sign can struggle with fidelity more than others, so if you require a mate who never even looks at another person; you may want to look toward other signs in the zodiac.

Other secrets to success

Although Gemini loves to talk, she usually prefers to discuss experiences, people and new subjects of learning rather than delve into deep emotional drama. For the most part, they find analysis and wit more compelling than verbal exploration of feelings and emotions.

The more of her many facets you share, or at least appreciate, the more likely your romance will flourish. A partner, who relishes the range of her personality, rather than seeing it as evidence of instability, can have a happy union with a Gemini.