Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Gemini Characteristics

Want to know what the characteristics of Gemini are? Gemini is the curious cat of the universe, living out as many lives, as many options, as they can within the space of a single lifetime. The Gemini sign is known to be extremely adaptable and versatile, as well as articulate, charismatic, and dualistic.

This sign carries the symbol of the twins, the element of air and the mode of mutability. It is one of the two zodiac signs ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving of the planets in our solar system.


A glance at the photos of famous Geminis shows them to be supremely adaptable, living out different personas at different stages of their lives.

Think of the differences between fresh-faced pre-film career Norma Jean and her incarnation as the glamorous siren Marilyn Monroe, or the difference between the 21 Jump Street Johnny Depp and pirate Jack Sparrow.

This changeable Gemini nature can manifest in different ways. Mel Blanc, who voiced the most of the famous Warner Brothers cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam and Tweety Bird, had his sun in Gemini.


In many cases, the Gemini eclecticism results in multiple careers and diverse interests. Gemini Donald Trump has taken on the role of reality television star and presidential candidate as well as real estate mogul.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a physician, creator of the rational Sherlock Holmes and an enthusiastic believer in spiritualism and fairies.

Sometimes a Geminis' proclivity for working in multiple fields helps form a bridge between different worlds, as was the case with Jacques Costeau, whose television programs introduced many people to the world of oceanography.


As their symbol "the twins" indicates, many Geminis have no problem expressing what some Native American groups refer to as "two-spiritedness". The Gemini character can turn on a dime and be replaced by a look-a-like twin in an almost bi-polar fashion.

For instance, the generally upbeat and energetic persona can quickly be replaced by an opposite down and sullen twin who can snap at the best of friends and family. With the same versatile mind and quick wit as his twin, this silver tongued persona can wield words that cut to the bone. It's best to stay out of way of this Gemini.

These seemingly personality reversals and switches can be a bit of a surprise for those who are not familiar with the particular Gemini character.


The planet Mercury rules Gemini. This planet has also lent its name to a chemical element, known in its liquid form as quicksilver. Quicksilver provides an excellent description for the mental faculties of a Gemini. They tend to be highly alert and observant, and have a unrivaled faculty with words that makes them the verbal grandmasters of the universe.

In Greek mythology, Mercury was something of a trickster deity, and the verbal dexterity of a Gemini often has a rather pointed edge and which can shock some people. Think of the lyrics of Bob Dylan's early songs, the humor of Joan Rivers and Sandra Bernhard or the poetry of Allen Ginsberg.


Geminis tend to have abundant charm. This can make them very successful in politics. John F. Kennedy, born May 29, provides an excellent example of this Gemini trait.

On the negative side, depending on how the Gemini combination of charm and verbal agility is channeled, these talents can create a con artist, a stereotypical "shyster" lawyer or an incorrigible cheater.