Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini is an air sign - free-spirited, idea-oriented, and social. As such, Gemini natives are looking for partners that satisfy their need for intellectual stimulation, good conversation, and constant variety. Their nature means that they are best suited to matches with either their fellow air signs or complimentary fire signs.

Gemini Compatibility Ratings

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Gemini Woman Compatibility


Gemini Man Compatibility

Gemini Woman Aquarius Man - 10   Aquarius Woman Gemini Man - 10
Gemini Woman Aries Man - 9   Aries Woman Gemini Man - 8
Gemini Woman Cancer Man - 6   Cancer Woman Gemini Man - 5
Gemini Woman Capricorn Man - 4   Capricorn Woman Gemini Man - 5
Gemini Woman Gemini Man - 8   Gemini Woman Gemini Man - 8
Gemini Woman Leo Man - 8   Leo Woman Gemini Man - 8
Gemini Woman Libra Man - 9   Libra Woman Gemini Man - 9
Gemini Woman Pisces Man - 5   Pisces Woman Gemini Man - 6
Gemini Woman Sagittarius Man - 8   Sagittarius Woman Gemini Man - 7
Gemini Woman Scorpio Man - 4   Scorpio Woman Gemini Man - 4
Gemini Woman Taurus Man - 5   Taurus Woman Gemini Man - 5
Gemini Woman Virgo Man - 8   Virgo Woman Gemini Man - 7

Best Matches for Gemini

Aquarius: For the Gemini who loves a relationship full of surprises, an innovative Aquarius partner might be just what the doctor ordered. Both thrive on open communication and active social lives. They also both have a strong need for change and variety in their lives. These two will become fast friends and any romance that comes from that connection will be all the richer for it.

Libra: Both intellectual and free-spirited air signs, Libra and Gemini will have a lot in common from day one. Both absolutely love to talk and communicate. They also share a mutual love for art, fun, and culture that will always ensure that they have plenty to talk about together. They see eye to eye on what a relationship should be about as well. These two together will create an easygoing union that will always be open and understanding in every way.

Aries: Both Aries and Gemini possess what may seem to outsiders like an excess of energy and vitality. These two can keep up with each other and will have a grand old time exploring life as a team. They also share a great passion for learning, adventure, and change. This is quite simply a match made in heaven with the potential to truly stand the test of time and be very fulfilling for both parties.

Worst Matches for Gemini

Scorpio: Scorpio and Gemini are two very strong personalities, but unfortunately they are like night and day when compared to one another. Scorpio is solitary and inwardly focused, preferring to channel its energy toward self-improvement and self-analysis. Gemini is, of course, a social animal that prefers to focus its energy outside of itself on others. The trademark Gemini free spirit is just quite simply not a good compliment to a Scorpio's heavy brooding and inflexible ways.

Pisces: Pisces is quite possibly the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs which makes it a terrible fit for light-hearted, careless Gemini. Pisces will find Gemini to be insensitive and heartless while Gemini will find Pisces to be unpleasantly moody. This union stands very little chance of success, as it will always be flavored by miscommunication, misunderstanding, and mistrust.

Other Worst Matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus. Use the Gemini compatibility ratings above to see the details.