Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Gemini in Love

Want to know what a Gemini in love is like? Geminis possess the ability to exude a mysterious allure. Think of famous Geminis like Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe.

People born with the Sun in Gemini like to look good and will put some effort into their appearance. They also prefer partners whose physical beauty complements their own.

When seeking a Gemini mate, you should take some time with your grooming and wardrobe choices so you will appear as a worthy "twin" to accompany them in their quest for fun.


Whereas some other signs want to nurture or lead their friends, Gemini in love wants to communicate. They want to talk, text, Tweet and e-mail on a regular basis with those who have an important place in their lives.

If you are someone who doles out words sparingly as if they were nuggets of gold, you may find Gemini too much of a chatterbox-and most likely they will see you as boring. On the other hand, if you have a gift for gab, Gemini will find you fascinating.

For the most part, Gemini prefers light, playful communication rather than deep conversations about the meaning of life. If you like wordplay and discussions which range over many topics with many witty observations, then you and your Gemini will keep each other entertained.

You may want to include a visit to a bookstore in your plans for your first date with Gemini, so you can both indulge your taste for information by browsing the shelves and talking about anything and everything.


Try not to be too attached to plans you make with Gemini, though. Members of this Mercury-ruled clan may impulsively suggest an alternate excursion at the last minute, or even cancel plans to take off to parts unknown.

Your reward for putting up with this apparent flightiness, though, can be unexpected fun at the Plan B destination they come up with for your date or an intriguing tale of what they did and who they saw after they briefly went off the map.


If you want a long-term relationship with Gemini, you will fare best if you can give your partner plenty of independence. A Gemini in love still needs to feel free to roam and explore, learning about different things and different people. Depending on the individual, your Gemini may flirt outrageously.

Best Friends Forever

People born under the sign of the twins place a high value on relationships. Whether a literal twin or sibling (the Olsen twins are Geminis), a close friend (Courtney Cox, known both for her role on Friends and her continuing friendships with her cast mates on that show also has the sun in Gemini) or a soul mate, Gemini people tend seek a second self to share their multifaceted lives.

Since they value friendship so much, Geminis often maintain amiable relations with partners even after a break-up. They prefer to stay cordial with as many people as possible so unless something unforgivable has been said by either party, they will try to salvage something from a failed romance.

Often they simply change the grounds of a relationship from romance to friendship rather than having a battle.