Gemini: May 21 - June 20

The Gemini Man

So you're interested in a Gemini Man? If you're looking for the comfort of someone being there when you need him, to radiate a sense of security, this is probably not your man... Because the men born under the sign of Mercury just don't work like that.

The Gemini is restless and unpredictable type of man, and a relationship with him will work out well, as long as you accept this fact of his nature.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and a dual sign, and you might find that your Gemini has that kind of characteristic; without a multiple personality disorder, he may seem like one person at one moment and another the next.

Socially adept

A Gemini man is always a people person; although he'd rather go out than stay home, wherever he goes he seems to know everybody. He's welcomed for his bright conversation and sense of humor, has wonderful taste in things like food, wine and art, and never seems to run out of charming anecdotes or witty comments about them, or the situation.

If not taking center stage as the focus of attention, he'll at least end up being behind some activity that drives the gathering in some way or another.

If he has important astrological positions that cause him to spend a good deal of time at home, it's likely to be outfitted for entertaining those of similar interests; a huge game, information or sports center may dominate the home; musical instruments and stereo equipment may be everywhere.

Faithful, in his own way

Being such a people person and having such a love of conversation, Gemini men are often accused of being fickle. This is not usually the case; his basic nature is social, and whether or not he's wearing a wedding ring, he's not likely to be stand-offish to others when you're around.

Gemini, being a common sign, means that he is essentially fair; because of the mental nature of the Air Sign group to which he belongs, he will rarely let passion overwhelm reason. One of his worst fears is being mistrusted or of being misunderstood, and he will rarely let anyone lead him on.

If you stand toe-to-toe mentally with your Gemini man, he'll lose any desire to seek variety (which he believes is the spice of life) by trying to find this kind of mental compatibility with another.

Keeping the love alive

As long as you can keep up with the need for variety that drives the Gemini man, and can convince him that you're of the same mind about things, you're halfway to having a happy Gemini on your hands.

If you're willing to trust that he can enjoy the company of others without romancing them, you've pretty much covered the other half. But if you try to tie him down in any way, or chain him to a set of rules or expectations, you may as well be ready for him to tell you he's got a ticket to Paris, and that won't be where he's going.

A Gemini man will not betray your trust if you really trust him, because he has no desire to be dishonest. If you begin to doubt or mistrust him, he'll almost certainly pick up on your thoughts, feel isolated and alone, and be prone to look for happiness elsewhere.