Gemini: May 21 - June 20

The Gemini Personality

Like the twins that symbolize the Gemini sign, the Gemini personality embodies two sides of the same coin or two halves of the same whole. They are changeable, flexible, and rather unpredictable because of this double nature.

However, they are also very much in touch with their fellow man and are considered to be among the world's most sociable and accepting people.

A Gemini out there in the world is eager to take it all in. They'd get to know all of the world's people and try everything at least once if they could. They thrive on intellectual stimulation, change, and variety. This means that it is not unusual for a Gemini to drastically change careers, relationships, or even personal values multiple times over the years.

This makes them interesting individuals for certain, but they must take care not to become too fickle or ungrounded as this can be an issue.

The Third House: Communication and Surroundings

Gemini rules the third of the heavenly houses, the house that governs communication. This house is also strongly associated with the concept of one's immediate surroundings, siblings, and short-term travel that may not cover much distance.

We see the influence of this house in Gemini personality traits such as the sign's innate gift for communication and strong yearning for intellectual stimulation, especially that achieved through conversation.

We also see it in the way the Gemini personality is most comfortable when not boxed in or tied down in too many ways, as well as in its love of sociability, humanity, and the constant cultivation of new connections with others. A Gemini feels most alive when he or she is talking and sharing ideas or engaged in truly stimulating social interaction of all kinds.

Air: Ever Changing Like the Wind

Gemini is one of the three zodiac signs that are ruled by the element of air. Air by its very nature is intangible and impossible to contain. You can't see it, yet it not only exists, but it is essential to the survival of every living thing.

Air signs are typically light-hearted individuals who are much more concerned with ideas and intellect than they are other parts of life. They are also changeable and multi-faceted, making them hard to pin down or understand. The Gemini personality embodies all of these characteristics perfectly.

There is nothing that interests a Gemini as much as ideas do and they very definitely adopt a light-hearted, carefree approach to more or less everything about life including work, relationships, and personal values. To them, life is all about having fun, conversation, making connections, and exploring new experiences.

It's hard for a Gemini to feel as if they're really living if something in their life isn't changing on a regular basis.

Mercury: Planet of Communication and Experience

The planet Mercury is named for the Roman god of commerce, communication, and travel. Its influence can be seen in Gemini's trademark knack for speech and making social connections.

It is also directly responsible for the strong interest in technology and innovation that your textbook Gemini shows from an early age. Like Mercury itself, the Gemini personality is possessed by a restless, driving curiosity and a seemingly boundless supply of energy.