Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Gemini Relationship

Are you interested in a Gemini relationship? If a Gemini person is someone you really desire a relationship with, it's best for you to think in terms of acceptance, rather than devotion.

This is because the Gemini is usually so busy it's hard for anyone to figure out where they're at, physically or mentally. A Gemini is almost always a bundle of laughs, and someone who is rarely in a depressive mood, and even when they are, they don't want to share it with others.

But the Gemini simply doesn't 'get' the idea of belonging to another person, and will appear and disappear from your sphere in a seemingly random fashion.

Keeping up with a Gemini

The hardest thing for anyone who has, or is seeking, a Gemini friend is keeping up with them. They may be hard to pin down; because the Common Signs represent the transitional period between seasons, it's not uncommon to run into them when they are on their way somewhere.

If you both buy a book at the same time and run into your Gemini a week later, chances are good they'll ask you if you finished it, but watch out, because both of the Mercury signs, Gemini and Virgo, tend to read the end first. Gemini people like spontaneity, and may show up when you least expect them.

Try to give them a wide time slot on your calendar as well; leave them time for their distractions. Never try to figure them out; just relax and enjoy their delightful company.

Gemini relationships; the down side

The most difficult thing about a Gemini relationship is what appears to be their inconsistency. On their way to meet you, they may run into this person or that, or something comes up at work, or they realize that they'd forgotten an important errand.

They may come up with any number of excuses, and many people find it hard to believe that this tardiness is not their fault. The Gemini also bores easily and rarely wants to do the same thing more than once, or the same way.

Gemini people are also very social and like being involved in group activities, in which they will move from one conversation to another, and this behavior may cause you to feel like you're being ignored.

Some people are annoyed with the Gemini approach to problems; they feel that trouble means excitement and adventure, and the opportunity to try or do something new.

Gemini relationships; the bright side

Gemini loves variety, and thrives upon change and innovation. A Gemini will never show up with depressing stories (unless they are leading you to a punch line) or boring ideas.

A Gemini person is very quick to adapt to sudden changes of circumstance; no one can beat a Gemini at figuring out how to make things work when there is a sudden reversal of fortune or twist of fate.

The Gemini habit of embellishing stories or even finding new expressions before anyone else does is always enjoyable. Their ability to multi-task and keep up with the latest news, ideas or gadgets is legendary.

If you are in Gemini relationship, you will never have to worry about losing touch; even if the Gemini is full of excuses for their distractions or other issues, their favorite thing to do is communicate. They can be great assets in business, and totally enjoyable friends.