Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Gemini Sign Meaning

Want to know the meaning of the Gemini Sign? Gemini (the Twins) is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac and 1st of the Air Signs. Air Signs are the most mentally oriented group. Gemini is quick in everything they do, especially thinking.

They may appear to some as being two people at one time because of their inability to stay still.

Double Vision

Gemini is also the first of the "Mutable", "Common" or "Double" signs of the Zodiac. Mutable means changeable, Common refers to the fact that these are the signs in which the Sun appears to be located during the transitional phase between the seasons, and Double is taken from their sign images, which, in the case of Gemini, is a pair of Twins.

This also speaks of the adaptability and flexibility of people born under Gemini, who find it easy to keep up with the times, and are impatient with those who are stuck in their ways.

The House of Mercury

Mercury is the planet that manages Gemini, and as you may know, in ancient Rome, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. This is why the Gemini person is always an open and great communicator.

There is a kind of eagerness and a youthful attitude toward all things that the Gemini possesses; many of them look younger than their physical age, or have interests more akin to those of a younger generation.

Mercury had access to all parts of the world in the old myths, and as many know, the planet appears to reverse direction several times a year, and disappear completely from the early morning or evening sky at others.

Gemini people are much like this; they can be in the boardroom one minute, and chatting with common laborers the next, without any visible difference in their attitude or character. Many Gemini people are multilingual, and all of them know how to turn a phrase or engage in word games (or mental games) that keep others laughing or otherwise on their toes.

Gemini's basic nature

In the ancient textbooks that we have, Gemini is associated with the arts and craftspeople; this is not because a Gemini is any more creative than any other sign, but they excel at the development of skills and talents. One of the twins is depicted as a musician, and the other wields a club (the ancient sign of a boxer); both require skill with the hands.

The nature of their planet, Mercury, is such that these skills are put to use, or influenced by whatever goals the person seeks; the Gemini is just as likely to mislead as to lead. At the same time, Gemini is too idealistic a sign to live a life of crime.

Gemini has no equal when it comes to presentation and promotion of ideas; most Geminis find it easy to talk themselves into positions that others envy, or into situations where they have to 'fake it till they make it.'

They are all excellent analysts and quick thinkers; when they talk themselves into trouble, they quickly talk themselves out of it. Gemini people move so quickly that they burn out at a faster rate than other people; they will often withdraw from their busy lives to recharge their psychic and physical batteries, and if they don't, they need to.