Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Gemini Symbol and Design

We invite you, and grant our full permission for you to use the Gemini artwork below on your pinterest page(s).

You may use this Gemini design on your pinterest page.

The Gemini constellation is as well known today, as it was in ancient times, for the twin stars that dominate it. They are much brighter than the other stars in the constellation, although one of them is slightly brighter than the other.

These two stars are called Castor and Pollux. They are named after the mythical children of Leda, Queen of Sparta. She was known to be the most beautiful woman in Sparta. Legend has it that she was impregnated by Zeus and her husband King Tyndareus. She gave birth to twins.

Pollux was the son of Zeus and the brighter star in the constellation is named for him. Castor was the son of the King of Spartan and the next brightest star in the Gemini constellation bears his name. The twins represent the dual nature of the Gemini sign... amongst other things.

The symbol/glyph for the Gemini sign closely matches the roman numeral II, an identical pair that represents two. There are many analogies that can be drawn from this symbol to the Gemini sign.

You may use this Gemini symbol on your pinterest page.