Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Gemini Traits

Gemini traits are heavily influenced by the energetic and changeable Mercury. The Gemini sign is represented by the dualistic and mercurial symbol of the twins, and occupies the third position in the sequence of the zodiac.

Mercury is the planet in charge of such areas as commerce, communication, and travel. As such Gemini natives are quick-witted, unpredictable, and versatile to list just a few of the words that can be used to describe them. We share the most well-known traits connected to this clever and innovative sign below:

Open-Minded and Fun-Loving

The first Gemini trait that you likely to notice in typical Gemini is a very outgoing, cheerful nature. There is nothing they love more than making new connections with people, flirting with an attractive person who happened to attract their attention, or indulging in some truly stimulating conversation on a favorite subject.

They have a seemingly effortless ability to make those around them feel comfortable and relaxed, making them favorites at any social gathering and immensely popular within their own social circles. Gemini natives are rarely have judgmental or dogmatic traits. They typically go with the flow and find the fun in any situation and the positive in any person.

Progressive and Open to Change

One of the most profound and widely seen traits of the Gemini personality is a very deep-seated need for variety and constant change. These are progressive, innovative individuals that follow trends, love to be in possession of the latest gadgets, and are quick learners who welcome the chance to take on something new and fresh.

Many Gemini seek out career positions that allow them to tackle a variety of different tasks or work a number of part-time jobs to satisfy their need to mix it up. Others love to job hop and will change careers several times over the course of their lifetimes.

Multifaceted Multi-Taskers

Your typical Gemini would choose to have a middling level of knowledge or expertise in regards to a wide variety of subjects over having a deep understanding of only one or two.

This being the case, they often have a wide range of interests and many like to multi-task, enjoying the challenge of keeping several open projects going at a given time. Gemini are especially drawn toward crafting, activities that keep their hands busy (as Gemini rules the hands), and technology.

Persuasive and People-Oriented

Another defining Gemini trait is that they are born with the gift of gab. They are experts at talking other people (or even themselves) into and out of just about anything. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find many of these individuals excelling in sales positions and other professions that give them the chance to work with people and be out there in public.

However, honesty and integrity aren't necessarily among Gemini's strong traits, so a misguided Gemini may eventually become manipulative or intentionally deceptive.

Dualistic and Unreliable

Just as the twins that represent Gemini are like two halves of the same whole, so can a Gemini be quite dualistic when it comes to personality and even identity. The same Gemini can have a tendency toward being both charming and fickle, both friendly and self-absorbed.

These are folks that are prone to extremes and must take care to self-cultivate the sign's better qualities, while working to improve upon any negative ones. Gemini can be flaky, unreliable, and dismissive, although they also have the capacity to be extremely generous and accommodating as well.