Gemini: May 21 - June 20

The Gemini Woman

If you're interested in a Gemini woman, you have a really complex character on your hands. As clever and witty a conversationalist as you'll ever run across, she can just as quickly become the soul of efficiency and precision.

A Gemini Woman will often have so many so many irons in the fire that she finds it hard to settle down and let the emotional and passionate facet of her character come to the surface.

A very large percentage of Gemini women are career oriented; climbing the ladder of success and breaking through the glass ceiling give them plenty of opportunities to match wits with others and make use of their imagination and problem solving skills.

Never a dull moment

One facet of her personality is as real as any other, and she is likely to come up with the most exciting or passionate ideas; a Gemini woman has no trouble making compliments that can cause the object of her attention quiver with delight.

At the same time, she can do the same thing to someone else in the same room, leaving everyone wondering how she does it. The she might turn to a third person and engage in the most serious and complex discussion on almost any topic from advances in science to the best way to roast potatoes.

Romance, however, is the easiest way for her to express her restless imagination, and that passionate side of her that even she has trouble finding.

She wants all of you

These different characters that make up the Gemini woman's personality all demand satisfaction from those they care for, but this can be a drawback as well as an asset.

She'll may be totally devoted to one person's intellectual ability, yet her creative side will surface and want this person to be more creative or artistic in their tastes, fall deeply for someone athletic only to find that their taste in food and drink is directly opposed to her own, or find an artist whose work she adores but has no intention of putting up with their sloppy habits or monotonous obsessions.

There is no doubt that you'll need to express yourself fully and openly in order to keep her attention, and, considering that you'll always need to be at your most balanced and best, it's not such a bad deal.

Mind games and stimulation

One thing of importance to watch out for with a Gemini woman is her unpredictability. When young, they become experts at playing mind-games and never lose this knowledge, although maturity usually brings less motivation to do so.

When just meeting her, you might be surprised at how quickly she praises and falls for you, but unless you're seeing to her needs as she expects, she can turn on a dime and become sarcastic and critical, and probably won't hold that opinion for too long.

Your Gemini woman will almost always be on a quest for stimulation, both physical and mental, and it's much better to attend the book signing or support the computer skills development class she joins as a sign of trust, than to try to put the kibosh on that quest to keep her tied down; if you do, you might as well be saying goodbye to her laughter, fun, cooking skills, bookkeeping and all the other talents she brings to the table.