Zodiac Love Matches

Leo Woman Aquarius Man

Our Leo Woman and Aquarius Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements work well together, the qualities are the same, and, thanks to Uranus, the planetary energies are balanced. Saturn may cause you to feel that he is not demonstrative enough, and he may begin to look at you as being too self-centered.

Using the insight provided here should be enough to add another point to the relationship.

The Elements

Fire vs Air - This is a mixture of passion and intellect that works out to be an excellent team. You'll have to tone down the emotionalism, and he'll have to learn to express his feelings more often, but doing so will be well worth it.

The Qualities

Both are Fixed - This is a case where two signs of the same quality work well with one another. You both are firm in your desires, and even if you have opposite goals, you'll respect each other.

The Planets

The Sun vs Saturn & Uranus - The Sun and Saturn are generally antagonistic to one another, but his co-ruler, Uranus is much like the Sun in nature. The difference is that Uranus is not self-oriented the way the Sun is, and that's a good thing.

Love and Romance

A Leo Woman is usually surprised at the power that draws her to an Aquarius Man. He's not usually the type of person that you are used to; unconventional, spontaneous and seemingly above the games people play. He has this same feeling, because of the exciting chemistry he feels for you, who is much more dramatic and proud than any woman he'd think he'd be attracted to. The relationship is likely to be excellent, and the two of you are likely to get off to a good start. The Aquarius Man, however, has a hard time expressing his feelings in words, thanks to his ancient ruler, Saturn, and thanks to the unconventional methods of his co-ruler, Uranus. But unless you have major problems in other factors in your individual horoscopes, his spontaneous poetry, songs or works of art (or other actions) will warm your heart, even if you are only mentioned in the dedication or title. Chances are good that he will get his message across before you become starved for affection, and it will turn out to be a wonderful and passionate relationship.

The Keys to Success

Don't expect tons of verbal affection.

Aquarius Men tend to be more mental than emotional, because they are Air signs; they find it difficult to give you the kind of verbal affection and attention that you thrive on. If, however, you make sure he knows how much you appreciate his attention from the very beginning, you'll be thrilled by the exciting and varied ways he learns to express his affection.

Be careful of the attention you attract.

It's possible that he may become worried by the amount of attention you get from other men. He is not one to argue or fight, so you'll need to reassure him that you're not looking for it, that it's just something that happens to you. You don't want to bring his Saturn side to the foreground, and neither does he, at least in a romantic situation.

If he's with you, he's with you.

You could become upset with your Aquarian Man's open and free attitude about friendship, and because he has friends that are of both genders and from all walks of life, you may think that you fall into the "friend" class as well. You'll have to remember that you are both Fixed signs, and that if he is with you, it's because he has it set in his mind that it's where he belongs. Don't let him forget it.

Final Score: Leo Woman Aquarius Man compatibility = 80%.

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