Zodiac Love Matches

Leo Woman Cancer Man

Our Leo Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 8. This is a very compatible match that grows stronger as the best of each rubs off on the other. The compatibility between your signs is high, despite the discord in the elements. His natural caution brings out the best in the planets and the qualities.

In time, as Leo's natural and spontaneous generosity begins to rub off on him, this becomes a 9 or better relationship.

The Elements

Fire vs Water - The elements are discordant, but fire and water are two of the most important ingredients for warming and nourishing us; the tender qualities of the Water element may be just what you've been looking for.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - You are born under a Fixed sign, which causes you to be somewhat set in your ways, as well as being a good organizer. He is born under a Cardinal sign, and is quite comfortable with a leadership role, especially in romance.

The Planets

The Sun vs the Moon & Jupiter - The Sun is your planet, the Moon is his; he'll follow the way of nature and be careful not to outshine you. Jupiter, who is exalted in his sign, is both generous and benevolent; it's highly unlikely that he'll ever let you down.

Love and Romance

A relationship with him may not be what you expect or what you're used to, but chances are that you'll love it. A Leo woman is prideful and willing to take on a challenge, but there is something about a Cancer Man that makes her want to be with him. What it is you sense is the nature of his sign, the astral quality we call "Cardinal." People born under Cardinal signs have an aura of leadership, and unlike the other Cardinal signs, he possesses all the sympathy and sensitivity of the Water element. This tenderness thrills you in a special way, because he will indulge you and see to it that your desires are fulfilled in his own affectionate way. Because he is so interested in matters concerning prosperity, he won't mind your having your own career, but he also will return your romantic passion in kind. You won't mind his having the final say on matters of great importance, because of the kindness he shows you. You'll know very quickly that it's an almost perfect match.

The Keys to Success

There is never a need for harsh words between you.

He is somewhat domineering, but he will never take a commanding tone with you, or from you. He gets what he wants through his sensitivity and sometimes by acting on his hunches; he's far too protective of his feelings to risk acting in a way that will evoke another's anger, especially yours. It will be easy to work with him, because you typically have a knack for avoiding the unnecessary, and he rarely takes the kind of risks for which a scolding is necessary.

Understand his moods change as often as the moon.

You'll have to get used to his moods; they come and go with the phases of the Moon. It's more likely that one of his bad moods can be relieved by affection than anything else, and your generous spirit and natural loyalty brings even more comfort into the equation in his eyes.

You can trust him to handle the finances.

You may have to learn to think more about building for the future than about enjoying the present; your man is determined to never suffer from poverty, and is quite cautious about money matters. His financial acumen doesn't interfere with his generosity toward his loved ones, and if you're counted among them, you'll be able to watch your assets, as well as the love between you grow.

Final Score: Leo Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 80%.

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