Zodiac Love Matches

Leo Woman Capricorn Man

Our Leo Woman and Capricorn Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements are discordant and the qualities are adverse to one another because of the planetary rulers. Barring an unrealistically high number of compatibility signatures in individual birth-charts, this is a combination that can be beneficial for business associates, but not for those involved romantically.

The signs in this relationship tend to have differing goals and approaches in life.

The Elements

Fire vs Earth - When Fire and Earth Signs get along well, it's usually because of the support planets have for the sign-bearers, or because of some kind of special arrangement the members of the couple have made with one another. The latter is likely to be the case in this relationship.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - The Fixed quality of Leo is discordant with the Cardinal quality of Capricorn because of the antipathy of the ruling planets. It may be that couples of this sign-pair are thrown together by mysterious circumstances.

The Planets

The Sun vs Saturn & Mars - The Sun and Saturn are opposite in nature, the Sun being the outgoing, warm and generous planet of Leo, and Saturn being the cold and reserved planet of Capricorn. Mars, Capricorn's exalted planet, represents the Capricorn's drive and their love of success.

Love and Romance

It's not likely that a Leo woman would be attracted to a Capricorn Man by natural magnetism. These signs are opposite in nature, even though they are not in opposite positions on the wheel of the Zodiac. Sometimes, however, people of these signs are drawn to each other by necessity, but it is not usually a romantic affiliation. The typical Leo Woman is extravagant and popular, dramatic and demanding. He is typically silent and brooding, conservative about financial matters and rarely gives compliments. A Capricorn is, however, impressed by success, and does tend to accumulate possessions of high quality and great value; primarily as investments. He will also choose to "marry up", because of his seeking wealth, which he believes is the only real way to achieve comfort and security. A typical Leo woman needs someone who isn't lazy and it a high achiever. Even with these possible points of compatibility, the Capricorn can be annoyed by the Leo's need for approval and social life.

The Keys to Success

Understand that he is focused and driven.

If you're interested in him, you need to think cautiously and carefully when around him. Open displays of affection and emotion do not impress him, in fact, he cannot see their value. He may even privately laugh at people wearing bright colors, or running about for no purpose other than enjoying themselves. He is so success-oriented that it's not usually his style to do anything he deems "unnecessary."

Don't expect his passion to be on display.

His passion is so well controlled and hidden that it's likely to only be expressed in the most intimate situation. There are a number of cases where there is a vast age difference between the two, but that's not always the reason for his interest; Capricorn people may seem older, though, because they've been acting like adults since they were children.

Know that he is with you for a reason.

If a Capricorn man approaches you, it's likely that he is doing so because there's something that he sees in you that would complement his drive to success. Maybe a relationship with you would make him the envy of others, or maybe he's coming into the age at which he reverses his aging process; Capricorns have the unusual tendency to get younger, more active and more fun as they get older. Lastly, it's possible that romance and love really are involved; a Capricorn would enjoy having someone bring light and warmth into his life.

Final Score: Leo Woman Capricorn Man compatibility = 50%.

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