Zodiac Love Matches

Leo Woman Leo Man

Our Leo Woman and Leo Man compatibility rating is 7. The elements are the same, the quality is the same and the ruling planet is the same, yet the Solar pride of the Leo is an obstacle to understanding and accord.

This relationship can be rated much higher, but only if there is balance in the individual horoscopes, and a lot of understanding.

The Elements

Both are Fire - The Fire Element basically represents ambition, impulsiveness and passion. These are characteristics you both have in abundance. Sometimes the ambition of one party gets in the way of the others'; this is the Leo's dilemma.

The Qualities

Both are Fixed - Both of you are practical, avoid the unnecessary and are set in your ways. When you are in a gathering, the attention gradually becomes fixed on you, which is a special effect of your planet, the Sun.

The Planets

Both are the Sun - The Sun in anyone's horoscope represents their ego, pride, dignity and authority. This is the ruling planet of both the Leo Woman and the Leo Man. One challenging the ego of the other is at the root of problems in a Leo couple.

Love and Romance

How can there be two Suns in the sky? When either of you walk into a room, it lights up, almost as surely as if there were a spotlight thrown on you to announce your presence. Even in a large crowd, it's likely that some will form a group, with you at the center. Others will noticeably correct their postures when you address them. He expects the same treatment, and is offended when he doesn't get it. You require loyalty and devotion, so does he. You are both fiercely protective, and often jealous, because of the attention the other gets. Leo Men seem more intent on being domineering, and may try to subject you to their interests; this is something you cannot abide. The physical chemistry, the warmth, passion and generosity that passes between you is superb, but outside of the intimate times when you are sharing these qualities, you seem to be competing for the role of ruler of the relationship.

The Keys to Success

Learn to share the spotlight.

He is terribly offended if anyone (yes, even you) tries to upstage him. Unless he is incredibly understanding, or you agree to take on a lesser role in the couple, there will be problems, no doubt about it. His competitiveness will really come to the foreground if you are achieving more notoriety in your career, or if you are making more money. That can be a delicate situation to handle.

He may indulge in risky financial ventures.

He's more likely to do so than a Leo Woman because of his competitive streak. He may indulge in this kind of behavior because he feels that he's not getting enough attention, but it could be all about his desire for more; there's no such thing as too much attention for a Leo Man.

It is not possible to compliment each other too much.

Your best strategy for working on your relationship with him is to include compliments in even everyday conversation. You know from your own experience how flattery can get your attention and hold it. You just have to become better with it, and gradually become more subtle. If you can arrange to appear to do something for him, it works even better. At the same time, he needs to learn that sharing the spotlight does not diminish him; who doesn't look better when seen with the queen (you).

Final Score: Leo Woman leo Man compatibility = 70%.

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