Zodiac Love Matches

Leo Woman Libra Man

Our Leo Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 8. Your elements are in sympathy, and your qualities enable you to pursue your common goals in harmony. The planets work well together; Saturn brings a balance into the equation that can keep both your feet on the ground.

The passions run high in this relationship.

The Elements

Fire vs Air - Fire and Air are elements that support each other; unless your anger causes you to blow too hot too often, or his judgmental powers cause him to blow too cold, you'll operate in synch, almost all the time. This is a great chemistry.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - Because the planets work well together and the elements are naturally compatible, the astral qualities of your Sun-Signs work well with one another. He'll provide you with many ideas to help you organize your life together in a fulfilling way.

The Planets

The Sun vs Venus & Saturn - His planet, Venus, always remains fairly close to your planet, the Sun; this is why it disappears at certain times during the year. Saturn is the exalted planet for his sign, and gives his the gift of logic and clear judgment that others may envy.

Love and Romance

Your relationship to a Leo Man has the potential to work very well, but it will work even better if you spend more time at home (or with each other) than you do being social, especially in the beginning. The reason for this is that he is likely to attract a lot of attention from other women. The good news is that it's probably the worst problem that you'll have. Your physical Solar appeal is likely to attract a lot of attention too, but he's not one to go off on a tangent about it; Libra Men aren't easily incited to jealousy. There is no better peacemaker in the zodiac; he always is able to see both sides of the coin. Sometimes it may take him some time to make up is mind, because he weighs all the pros and cons before he makes a decision, and he has the ability to work through things with you; it may seem like he always comes up with the most fair and advantageous solution. He's also known for the quality of his gifts and for his spot on charm that makes you feel like a queen. Your physical and emotional chemistry is excellent.

The Keys to Success

Work towards harmony and balance.

He will not start one of his "discussions" in anger, just to get a rise from someone, he does it so that the most harmonious solution can be reached, or so that decisions can be made that have the most benefits for you and him. He's a brilliant logician, but is also charming and deeply loving; somebody you'd really want to have on your side.

You are a dynamic duo, aim high.

When the two of you team up together, there's almost nothing that you can't accomplish. The warmth of the Sun, the charm of Venus, and the powerful logic and common sense of Saturn make an unbeatable team. Try not to display your emotions too strongly around him, however; your Libra Man tries hard not to let anger cloud his judgments.

Appreciate the best in each other.

It's likely that you'll really appreciate his optimism and his strong sense of justice, but his romantic nature will really excite you. He'll love your courage and your independence of spirit; you'll seem like you're made for each other. Just try to avoid being too extravagant when it comes to getting the best of everything, which both of you crave.

Final Score: Leo Woman Libra Man compatibility = 80%.

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