Zodiac Love Matches

Leo Woman Pisces Man

Our Leo Woman and Pisces Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements are mismatched, but the qualities can work together with effort. The planets form a combination that is prone to excessiveness, but can also be romantic and magical.

This is water that the Lion should tread carefully.

The Elements

Fire vs Water - Fire and Water Sign compatibilities are usually weighted toward the water side, but in this case, the Fire Sign (Leo) is likely to dominate. This can be difficult for both parties.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Mutable - Fixed and Mutable signs work together when the fixed sign person provides the stability that should be at the center of the relationship, but it will take considerable effort on the part of Leo to stay grounded enough to make things last.

The Planets

The Sun vs Jupiter, Neptune, & Venus - The Sun and Jupiter in combination usually mean improvement and honor, but Neptune (co-ruler of Pisces) tends toward magical rather than a rational perspective. Venus, Pisces' exalted planet provides plenty of charm, but also a degree of laziness.

Love and Romance

This can be either a tragic or glorious relationship. He can certainly be charming and affectionate enough for your taste, and doesn't mind your domineering or commanding ways, but while you might see that behavior as a sign of loyalty and devotion, to the Pisces Man, it's because it's much easier than trying to be dominating himself. Pisces Men have strong intuition and are careful and wonderful listeners, but tend to follow your advice for a while and then return to their own way of doing things, or ignore it completely, which can be infuriating. He is also bent on avoiding pain, and has dislikes arguments; he would rather slip away than be confronted; it's his top defense strategy. You may find his escapism endearing in the beginning, but frustrating in the long run.

The Keys to Success

Don't be swept away by passion.

His ability to "read you like a book" may enable him to provide just the right touches to immerse you into a sea of passion rather quickly. But they also tend to be unreliable, at least as far as day-to-day realities are concerned. Many Pisces Men are successful, but their basic tendency is to do their own thing; their success will, more often than not, come from luck or the good graces of others, rather than effort. Don't let the attention and praise he bestows on you be mistaken for loyalty; he may consider it insurance.

Be prepared to provide care and attention.

Pisces men have a way of turning around criticism to make themselves look like the victims of unfair treatment, and let others feel the guilt or shame that should result from their often irrational behavior. When that strategy doesn't work, they tend to shift their loyalties or disappear. They require a lot of care and attention because of their insecurities, and in some cases, because they are so immersed in their creative or professional processes, they have trouble keeping up with real-world problems.

Understand he is not an easy read.

Your desire to know every one of his secrets may be frustrated by his lack of willingness to talk about them. He'd rather talk about the good in his life than to expose his insecure side, and may even give false impressions in order to mask the truths he fears. Yet he can be so charming, mysterious and fun you'll choose to exert the effort to make this a secure relationship; just remember that this fish doesn't like to be kept in a tank; he needs his ocean.

Final Score: Leo Woman Pisces Man compatibility = 50%.

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