Zodiac Love Matches

Leo Woman Sagittarius Man

Our Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man compatibility rating is 7. The elements are the same and the qualities work together because of the harmony of the planets. This can be a difficult relationship because of the demands of your proud nature and his distaste for it.

Nevertheless, with some insight and understanding, it could be an 8.

The Elements

Both are Fire - When the elements are the same, the chemistry is excellent and both members of the couple have a good degree of understanding that flows well between them. In this case, there is plenty of room for personal growth on both your parts.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Mutable - Because the elements are identical and the planets work together, you have a synchrony of purpose. At the same time the stubbornness of the Fixed Sign (Leo) may clash with the flexible and fun-loving nature of the Mutable Sign (Sagittarius).

The Planets

The Sun vs Jupiter - The Sun and Jupiter work well together, and are curiously synchronized astronomically. The Sun takes twelve months to circle the Zodiac, and Jupiter takes just under 12 years.

Love and Romance

There are several things that you must know about a Sagittarius Man; he will always treat you as an equal. He will not put you on a pedestal, nor will he try to dominate you. It's not in his nature to worshipfully adore you, and it's not his way to be controlling. He loves humor and likes joking around, but his way of delivering the truth in a blunt and even clumsy way can do serious damage to your pride. You don't need to be protected, yet he'll try to be your champion anyway. Chances are good that you'll have unrealistic expectations of him, but he may be both naive and courageous enough to try to fulfill them. Due to the influence of Jupiter, he is always searching for new adventures or territory, and finds it difficult to commit to either a place or person for long. He can be tremendous fun, but to make the relationship work, you'll have to gently tame him, and yourself. Try to ask and not command; he resents being told what to do in the same way that you hate asking for favors. Do your best to look past his verbal blunders and understand that it's not a malicious or purposeful habit; it's just his pure honesty coming through.

The Keys to Success

Help him learn how to direct his humor.

He can be quite lucky, but you need to let him know early on in the relationship that he shouldn't depend on his luck with you. Tell him that teasing and joking doesn't work on you, that his ability to laugh when the joke's on him is something that you do not share.

Understand he has a quick temper.

He can fly into a rage and right back out in a very short span of time, and then forgive and forget. As a Leo Woman, you're born under a Fixed Sign, and are slower to let go of a hurtful experience, but his sincere remorse is capable of healing your wounds more quickly than you might think.

He loves playing games of all types.

You are probably quite fond of them as well; find out what the games he likes are and play with him. He'll consider you a wonderful competitor and he'll find you a worthy opponent. A game board or table is a place where you can win without wounding him, and he can win without wounding you, since it's all about the "roll of the dice."

Final Score: Leo Woman Sagittarius Man compatibility = 70%.

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