Zodiac Love Matches

Leo Woman Taurus Man

Our Leo Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is 6. The elements cause these two signs to have different motivations, and because both signs are "Fixed" in quality, these differences are hard to reconcile. The planets, however, bring care, attention and passion into the situation.

This is a tricky relationship that requires some adjustment on both your parts.

The Elements

Fire vs Earth - Leo Woman is a Fire sign, and is therefore enthusiastic and optimistic, while Taurus is born an Earth Sign, practical and patient. Being an impulsive Fire Sign, you'll thrive on activity, while he is noticeably risk-adverse, and thrives on stability and certainty.

The Qualities

Both are Fixed - Both of you are Fixed Signs, which can mean that you are set in your ways, but you do have different ways. While you like being in the spotlight and enjoying the company of others, he prefers the serenity of the stable surroundings he creates. Both of you are too honorable make promises to one another that you don't keep, and this is a good thing.

The Planets

The Sun vs Venus & the Moon - The Solar urge of a Leo Woman is to be at the center of things, while the Venusian urge of a Taurus Man drives him to find beauty and pleasure in secure and stable surroundings. The Moon is exalted in his sign, which gives him a tremendous desire to see to your needs, but also causes him to shy away from too much change in his normally placid and sensuous lifestyle.

Love and Romance

Taurus Men are extremely patient; they almost always think in the long term. Satisfying their Venusian, Earthy sensuality is a top priority for them, surpassed only in their lives by their need for financial and material security. Leo Women, being born into the Fire Sign triad, tend to be impatient and less concerned about the future; this is the big point of tension in this relationship. You both are Fixed signs, and his being an Earth Sign makes him, in a sense, more set in his ways than anyone you'll ever meet. At the same time, his love for the good things in life, his adoration of you and the fact that he always keeps his promises can make him a real "catch"; if you're patient.

The Keys to Success

He is a "bird in hand" man.

He's a "bird in the hand" person, and could care less about what's in the bush. Don't expect him to be happy with you if you're used to spending money you don't have in your hand, or bank account. He is neither a stingy or petty person; he thinks in terms of security and the future.

He needs to adore and admire you.

You have a strong need to feel adored and admired, and need a demonstrative mate. This is something that should be established between you early on, because if he falls into the habit of being passive and quiet about his feelings for you, he won't break it, and you'll become bored.

Understand he is not a party animal.

Don't expect to turn him into a party animal; he's not one for late night social activity and loud, frivolous activity. He'll continue in his comfortable private ways until he reaches the level of security (which means success to him) he desires, and even then, he'd rather entertain in the castle he's built than to enjoy the popularity he deserves. The romance can be fulfilling for the both of you, however, full of pleasure, adoration and trust.

Final Score: Leo Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 60%.

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