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Leo Woman Virgo Man

Our Leo Woman and Virgo Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements disagree and the qualities do not support their balance. The planets are neutral to one another. This is good for business and teacher/student relationships but it is not good for romantic ones.

On a positive note, you will make more careful decisions (and will see better results) by including him in the process.

The Elements

Fire vs Earth - You belong to the Fire Triplicity, while Virgo is an Earth Sign. He'll enjoy your enthusiasm and spirit, but is too practical to be glamorous; he usually thinks his gentle and reliable nature is enough. He's also very serious about financial matters and does not approve of impulsive spending.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Mutable - Being a Fixed Sign, you tend to be an excellent organizer, and the analytical and flexible Mutable mind of the Virgo can appreciate this. Nevertheless, the elements are discordant, and unless mutual understanding can be reached, he will fall to resentment, solitude and withdrawal.

The Planets

The Sun vs Mercury - Virgo's planet is Mercury, who disappears into the light of your planet, the Sun, several times a year. The typical Virgo doesn't mind working behind the scenes and letting others enjoy the applause, but not being valued for his efforts drives him up a wall.

Love and Romance

The typical Virgo man hates arguing. He will hold on to all his points of criticism until it's necessary for his to use them if, and only if, it becomes necessary to voice a complaint. In the meantime, the Virgo will loyally and quietly do whatever he does, happy to be of help. As a Leo Woman, you'll enjoy his company and his service, until something comes up as a problem. Maybe he's so engrossed in his work that he forgets to pay you the obligatory comments. Maybe you disturb his meditation or study to seek some sorely missed attention, and you are ignored. You know how much you hate that - but the Virgo, if he's been pushed to the breaking point, may suddenly reel off a list of every mistake and every character flaw his analytical mind has recorded, leaving you dumbfounded, hurt and probably alone. Sometimes this criticism may start early in the relationship and slowly sneak up on you and turn your pride against you, or maybe your domineering nature will slowly erode the self esteem of the Virgo until he's lost his efficiency and skill, either way, this is a very difficult pairing that takes a good number of concessions in order to work out happily.

The Keys to Success

Don't expect lots of praise.

Don't expect a steady stream of appreciation and praise from him; his mind is usually so busy with practical matters that he may forget how much attention you need. Even worse, having to stop to give you that attention may annoy him, and being annoyed is close to arguing on his list of pet peeves.

Understand that he is critical by nature.

Virgos can be quite critical. If he hasn't shown this side of his nature, it's only because he loves you and thinks it's unnecessary. He will drop hints here and there, or cover the subject casually, but he'll rarely confront you directly with his concerns, while hoping that they'll sort themselves out.

He needs affection and appreciation.

You would do well to give a word of appreciation to him once and a while - his pride is focused on what he does and how well he does it. He needs appreciation as much as he needs affection. He can be quite loyal, but if he feels that no one cares, he'll be ready to move on.

Final Score: Leo Woman Virgo Man compatibility = 50%.

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