Leo: July 22 - August 22

How to Attract a Leo Man

Want to know how to attract a Leo man? Leo men don't usually notice shy librarian types who hide behind their glasses. Dress with flair, style, and elegance. Carry yourself with pride if you want to show up on his radar.

Throw out any nondescript, blah, boring clothes and pay attention to your manicure and your accessories in order to create an overall effect of elegance and style. Choose your hair style and clothing with an eye to enhancing your best features.

Appeal to his vanity

In your first few conversations with him, let him know you admire his accomplishments and abilities. Subtly, without drawing the spotlight away from him let him know that you also have your own version of a royal pedigree.

Keep the conversation light and sparkling. Leo won't want to go spelunking into any emotional caves right away. Show him that you are attracted to him, that you believe in working hard in order to make your play life that much richer.

If he is new in town, you might want to invite him to that hot new club where your friend tends bar or to your co-worker's 4th of July bash. Showing him how popular you are will raise you several notches in his esteem.

Let him lead, but don't be a doormat

You can make suggestions for what to do together, but he will want to have the deciding vote in most cases. Leo sees leadership as his natural prerogative. This does not mean he wants a doormat.

As you work to attract this Leo man, make it clear to him that you are independent and strong, that you go along with his ideas because they interest you. It will help if share his at least some of his interests and enthusiasms.

He probably won't expect you to share all of them. Leos don't like to feel reined in by a relationship, so he will expect to have some nights where he has fun with his friends and you do your own thing.

Socialize with him

Most Leos are not homebodies so don't try to attract one if you crave the life of a hermit. Leo rarely turns down party invitations so the two of you might socialize often with his friends from work or old college buddies.

Depending on the individual, he may also want the two of you to play doubles tennis, go out dancing several times a month or have a subscription to the best local theatre company. He may also want to host parties and expect you to share in providing a spectacular experience for the guests, including great food, decorations and music.

Be there for him

Lions enjoy public displays of affection. He might nuzzle your neck a little as you leave the concert and will often put his arm around your shoulders. Leo almost always prefers a dominant role.

Given Leo's strong emphasis on beauty, and to a bit of vanity, you may find more than a couple mirrors about his place. As the relationship progresses, he will become increasingly romantic, showering you with attention.

He has a heart big enough to fill any room when he is in love. Remember, Leo thrives on compliments and most women are clueless about how to attract a Leo man. Learn every thing you can about his sign and keep at it.