Leo: July 22 - August 22

How to Attract a Leo Woman

How to attract a Leo woman? A Leo woman seeks a mate who will stand out from the crowd, someone worthy to sit beside her on the throne rather than being just another jester for short-term amusement.

Queenly Leo women often secretly fear they will never find a mate who both matches their strength and appreciates their true worth.

This fear does not stem from lack of romantic possibilities. This lioness tends to draw potential partners like picnics draw ants. However, most men don't have a clue about how to attract a Leo woman, and they end up getting eaten for lunch.

Pay attention to your appearance

You will gain credibility as her suitor if you take good care of your appearance. Most Leo women devote significant time and energy to maintaining their physical attractiveness. They will exercise vigorously to remain slim and toned; make regular shopping trips to stay abreast of fashion; use expensive hairstyling and beauty products.

They see no reason to choose a romantic partner who doesn't put any effort into looking good. If you want to attract a Leo woman that lives in your neighborhood, do not even go to the corner store without combing your hair and changing out of your sweats.

Leos do not see dressing well as something just for special occasions, so be prepared to pay more attention to how you look all the time if the two of you become a couple.

Gain her respect

Compliment her without appearing to throw yourself at her feet ...if you do, she may walk all over you and then simply walk away, leaving you nothing but the prints of her designer heels on your back.

Show her you rule your own realm, and that your admiration for her derives from the fact that only one monarch can fully appreciate another. This requires a delicate balance. If you display too much arrogance, she will perceive you as disrespectful. If you seem to grovel for her attention, she will become bored.

Take her somewhere exciting

If you want to know how to attract a Leo woman, invite her to go somewhere exciting with you. A concert everyone is dying to attend or a great party. You will get bonus points with her if you are in a band and invite her to come and hear you play ...just make sure your band actually sounds good.

Leo women don't believe in giving points just for effort. Unless you are certain she has an interest in the subject, do not invite her to a lecture or a documentary film. You want to establish a mental connection in her mind between spending time with you and having fun.

Splurge on something she is interested in

After you have been going out for a while, continue to attract a Leo woman by planning a special splurge date which caters to her interests. If she loves gourmet food, take her to the best restaurant in town. If she is a theatre buff, treat her to a production at the town's best playhouse.

Get front row seats to a performance when favorite singer comes to town. You could also shop together at one of her favorite stores, and notice if she sees something she particularly likes, and then buy it for her.

Don't be one of the guys who gets eaten for lunch! Learn everything you can about this sign so you know everything about how to attract a Leo woman before you approach her.