Leo: July 22 - August 22

Leo Characteristics

You can recognize a Leo by their characteristic confidence, charm, impeccable grooming, and head-turning sense of style. This charismatic creature packs lion-sized attraction power.

Our list of Leo characteristics:


Leos also tend to possess a powerful personal magnetism. This fire sign can have the power to draw potential partners to them like moths to flame. Madonna and Mick Jagger are two Leos known for their ability to attract alluring mates even after crossing the half-century mark.

Unfortunately, Leo's imperious drive, coupled with the characteristic power and fame Lions often crave, can sometimes lead to scandal. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton and Roman Polanski have all experienced a shift in their public reputations because of their behavior.


Many Leos characteristically possess fertile and creative imaginations. A few examples include J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books; James Cameron, director of Titanic, Avatar and other films; famous fashion designer of the 1920s-50s Coco Chanel and Emily Bronte, who wrote Wuthering Heights.


As you might expect from a sign ruled by the Sun, Leos often choose professions which give them the opportunity to shine. You can find Leos performing on stage or screen, as well as taking leadership roles in politics and business.

Even those who don't choose professions leading to fame and fortune tend to bring a dramatic quality to everything they do. If you know a salesperson whose presentations are impeccable performances, or a professor whose classes feature a strong element of drama, chances are that person's birthday falls between July 23 and August 22.

Even in situations where they are meant to play a supporting role or stay in the background, Leos can't help but attract notice. President John F. Kennedy famously observed the attention his Leo wife drew on a state visit, introducing himself as "the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris."


Most Leos were born to be the life of any party. They tend to know how to help other party-goers relax and participate in the festivities. It is Leo characteristic to project a sun-like warmth which draws new acquaintances to them easily. They convey friendliness, warmth and empathy as well as humor.


Some less evolved people born under this Sun-ruled sign expect other people to form a solar system and revolve around them.

It was probably a Leo who inspired the old joke about an actor who spent 15 minutes regaling an old acquaintance he met on the street with tales of his accolades and awards before pausing to ask "But that's enough about me. What did you think of my latest movie?"

Leo characteristics include an egotism that usually operates at an unconscious level. If anyone points out that their behavior makes them appear arrogant, Leo reacts with surprise. Not all Leos possess the more toxic type of ego-although most of them do like to bask in compliments and praise.