Leo: July 22 - August 22

Leo Compatibility

Leo is a fire sign - passionate, energetic, and charismatic. As such, Leo natives are looking for partners who will appreciate their individuality, lavish them with attention, and graciously accept their own boundless generosity in return. Their inherent nature means that they are best suited to matches with either their fellow fire signs or alternatively, complimentary air signs.

Leo Compatibility Ratings

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Leo Woman Compatibility


Leo Man Compatibility

Leo Woman Aquarius Man - 8   Aquarius Woman Leo Man - 9
Leo Woman Aries Man - 9   Aries Woman Leo Man - 9
Leo Woman Cancer Man - 8   Cancer Woman Leo Man - 5
Leo Woman Capricorn Man - 5   Capricorn Woman Leo Man - 4
Leo Woman Gemini Man - 8   Gemini Woman Leo Man - 8
Leo Woman Leo Man - 7   Leo Woman Leo Man - 7
Leo Woman Libra Man - 8   Libra Woman Leo Man - 8
Leo Woman Pisces Man - 5   Pisces Woman Leo Man - 7
Leo Woman Sagittarius Man - 7   Sagittarius Woman Leo Man - 5
Leo Woman Scorpio Man - 7   Scorpio Woman Leo Man - 7
Leo Woman Taurus Man - 6   Taurus Woman Leo Man - 7
Leo Woman Virgo Man - 5   Virgo Woman Leo Man - 8

Best Matches for Leo

Aries: Because of their shared temperaments, Leo and Aries will enjoy common ground from the get-go. Although both signs can be self-centered and headstrong, it isn't too hard to create a sense of mutual respect where there is love and commitment. Here we have the potential for an unbeatable power couple that can't be stopped no matter what life may decide to throw at them.

Gemini: Leo and Gemini together create a match made in heaven because of the way both of these signs approach life and love with exuberance and passion. Gemini does it via thought and intellect while Leo invokes the power of heart and emotion, complimenting each other even when it comes to the differences in the way they think and live. Here we have a relationship that will never be short of fun or joy either, as both of these signs prefer to take a positive, light-hearted approach to life in general.

Other Best Matches: Aquarius. Use the Leo compatibility ratings listed above for the detailed analysis.

Worst Matches for Leo

Capricorn: Capricorn and Leo are about as different as night and day, so it will be nearly impossible for the two to find common ground. Leo is too impulsive and exuberant for conservative, traditional Capricorn. On the other hand, Capricorn's lack of imagination will be a huge letdown to adventurous, artistic Leo. Their physical connection will fall flat as well, as each possesses an approach and attitude about intimacy that is completely out of touch with the other's personal way. Unions between the two typically end in disappointment and frustration for both parties.

Other Worst Matches: It really depends on gender; use the Leo compatibility ratings above to see the details.