Leo: July 22 - August 22

Leo in Love

A Leo tends to see themselves as royalty and will look for a mate who will be a worthy consort. If you want Leo to notice you, you should seem like a queen or king yourself-or at least like a commoner worthy of elevation to the throne.

Always wear your best clothes. You don't want the lion king/queen to mistake you for one of the peasants. Casually drop into a conversation the fact that your latest book won rave reviews or that you just made partner at your law firm, or something similar.


You can make your Lion purr like a kitten by doling out compliments. Even a Leo in love does not like to feel taken for granted. Tell them how wonderful they look, both in and out of their clothes.

Be specific and wise with your compliments. Leo in love needs to know you appreciates how their choice of shoes gives their entire outfit more style and distinction. Also, Leos tend to pay a lot of attention to their hair, so you will want to notice and comment favorably if they change its style or color.

Remember to pay compliments to their talents as well as their appearance-Leos may love to primp but they are much more than pretty faces.


Pamper your Leo with gifts to help make your love for them tangible. If you have a huge bank account, Leo loves lavish presents-go ahead and whisk your Lion off to Paris for the weekend.

If you have a limited budget, shop carefully to find the best quality you can afford. Either way, be sure to customize your gifts. Leos see themselves as unique and distinctive and will disdain a gift which seems generic. Always choose presents that show you acknowledge the Lion as a VIP.


A Leo in love wants you to lavish him with your affection. Your Lion will be fiercely protective of you. So long as you do not do anything which attacks the crown jewel of Leo's self-esteem, she or he will also prove very forgiving after a quarrel.

A Leo in love will be very affectionate and generous with you in return. Leos need active social lives, so don't count on too many nights curled up together on the couch watching movies. If you either share Leo's desire to play and have fun-or at least don't interfere with it; you and your Lion can have a successful relationship.


Observe your Leo to determine what kind of spouse he/she will make. The key to determining a Lion's behavior is their pride. Leos who takes pride in their self-discipline and restraint tend to remain faithful because they see monogamy as an opportunity to exercise their strength.

However, Lions whose sizable egos draw sustenance from their ability to attract and seduce a wide range of partners will probably still require some type of ego food even after you exchange rings. Even a Leo in love will tend to flirt. A Leo's mate should have enough confidence to deal with this particular trait.