Leo: July 22 - August 22

The Leo Man

Want a Leo Man? There is a well known secret among astrologers: To work your way into the lions heart; simply allow Leo the spotlight, relax, and enjoy the show. Leo men love nothing more than having an audience.

If you throw in a spoonful of flattery and a big dash of respect, you can be sure that you've captured the king of the astrological jungle. Once captured, a Leo man's heart is as big and warm as it appears to be.

Romantic and generous

Leo is one of the most romantic signs of the Zodiac, and can't stand not being part of a relationship. Leo men generally have no fear of public shows of affection, especially if the affection is being shown to them.

They're very passionate and tend to be somewhat aggressive; if a Leo man has shown any interest in you at all, all you have to do is provide the opportunity for them to make their mood. They're very sentimental, and it would be a good idea to keep that in mind as you're setting out the candles and choosing the music.

Leos sometimes tend to irrational spending habits, and it takes a bit of clever thinking to help them manage their finances without making them think that you're trying to control them, but when the Leo man is in a relationship, most of this extravagance goes toward seeing to it that his romantic partner is enjoying themselves in style.

Taming the lion

Relationships with a male Leo are not always easy; they usually work out best if you tactfully work to provide reason and stability as a balancing factor for his incredible passions.

Situations outside the relationship, such as those that occur at work or school, may set him off from time to time, but your reassurance and stability can be the anchor that keeps him from drifting into dangerous waters.

Don't try to "wear the pants" or insist that they sit at home while you pursue your interests, because the typical Leo wants to be the king of the lion's den, and they believe sincerely, in their affectionate hearts, that they should be your top priority.

Affection sponge

The Leo man has a huge and almost insatiable need for affection. You'll need to keep this need filled, and although it's not hard to do, you may need to give up something in order to keep the fires of passion stoked.

This does not mean that you'll need to settle for being part of a one-income couple, but it does mean that the Leo man does not like a competitive romantic partnership. He's able to find plenty of competition in the outside world, and when he comes home, he wants to forget all that through being adored and exhibiting his passions.

Sometimes this passion is used to fuel his hope of turning a big profit with ill-fated speculative ventures, but if he is getting the type of attention he wants at home, he will rarely let that passion drive him into dalliances with other partners.

The lion's roar

It's a good idea to be prepared for his temper to flare up occasionally; keep the attention and compliments at the ready, or you'll find that you spend a lot of time letting him make his last dramatic scene up to you.

As an interesting side note, Leos are known to be quite handy around the house; you'll never have to worry about waiting for things to get done when he's around.